‘Climate Champion’ Heidi Harmon’s Electric Vehicle Struggles

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  • Current: Senior Public Affairs Director, Let’s Green CA! Former Mayor. Climate Champion. Fighting for an inclusive, vital, and regenerative future. Consultant, collaborator, and co-conspirator to co-create a better world.
  • Location: San Luis Obispo County, CA


  • Senior Public Affairs Director
    Romero Institute · 2021 – Present

28 Comments on ‘Climate Champion’ Heidi Harmon’s Electric Vehicle Struggles

  1. She should be glad it’s not 15 degrees and snowing. I wonder why we never heard anything about the EV’s that were stuck on I 95 a couple weeks ago. You just know there had to be some.

  2. She’s in fricken’ San Jose, CA for God’s sake! If she can’t find a charger there… What are people in Kansas going to do??? Oh, right, they aren’t going to buy plug-in cars.

  3. Until they build an electric vehicle that charges itself as its driven, they are not practical(period!) As with everything…that will never happen as long as the gubermint subsidizes the industry. Duh!
    My Jeep only gets 10 miles a gallon(and 500 miles to a quart of oil), but it only takes 5 minutes to fill up anywhere and be on my way.

  4. I had a electric bike/scooter that had pedals you could use if the battery died. Check with your car dealer it maybe an option, for a added price. sar

  5. Ya know….they sell and rent gas and diesel powered generators on trailers so these idiots can take trips in their “green cars”.

  6. Hooray! I’m driving Electric!

    You know, it’s like the demand to get people out of mental hospitals 40 years ago. No plan for what comes next for the patients, but hey, they’re not “imprisoned” in the state facility anymore so I’m a good person. Who cares the patients ended up homeless.

    Typical, clueless, virtue-signaling nincompoop.

  7. ask these numbskulls where the electricity comes from to recharge their battery?

    Do they think its connected to a giant hamster wheel? or maybe a windmill?

    Get me a helicopter. Remember the cruise that went to Antarctica to prove that the ice was melting and then got iced in – it took a major rescue of fossil fuel burning ice breakers to free the ship. Did they learn anything? I doubt it.

  8. Geoff C. played this last night and I’m in disbelief that someone this stupid is still living. Honestly. How many times did she signal her high-minded virtue with “I’m just trying to do the ‘right’ thing”? This is what happens when you NEVER think for yourself. Right? According to whom?

    I’m glad she didn’t have the grandkids with her. If she has any. Which is probably a big negatory.

  9. It ain’t ready and may never be.
    RADIOATIONMAN hates! batteries after
    10 years of lugging them up and down ,LONG
    stair wells in tall buildings AAAARRRGGGGG!
    and yes the elevator only goes up so far.

  10. I have a ’73 Super Beetle. I had it insured today in MO.

    That was 2 hours I will never get back.

    “Your VIN number (she said it, not me) is invalid!”

    “Dig up Hitler, I don’t know what to tell you.”

    “Have you upgraded the suspension?”

    “No, I put those red bungs everywhere (I shouldn’t have said that).

    “So that’s upgraded?”

    “No, it’s better than OEM.”

    “Is it a hotrod?”

    “Yeah, a 43hp hotrod!”

    On and on. The car is bone stock but for disc brakes on the front and I deleted the auto-choke for a hand choke. Why this took 2 hours I have no clue.

    It’s just a fucking car.

  11. I don’t have an electric vehicle and not even looking for a charging station, I see them all over the place. She seems rather stupid and unprepared. All she has in a “app”. 🙄

  12. #Burr
    It’s become so mainstream for these man-less creatures to have chipped teeth that it’s not even funny anymore.
    And, of course you have to take into account that many of those dildos now a days are made of soft silky silicone.

  13. From the 26th https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/01/schadenfreude_overload_on_virtuesignaling_former_mayor_of_san_luis_obispo_who_stepped_down_to_fight_climate_change.html
    If you follow the links in the one above…
    “Simply incapable of proper prior planning. She needed to allow for multiple stops of 8 hour increments to get from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco in time to attend the rally.
    She should have stopped and spent the day in King City, then stopped again and spent the night in Moragn Hill. Day two would take her to San Bruno for an 8 hour recharge then continue to San Francisco the night before the rally.
    Is 2 days to get from San Luis Obispo to SFO really too much to ask?”


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