Electronic Monitoring Bracelet Doesn’t Tell You What a Criminal is Doing


The advantage of an electronic monitoring bracelet is that authorities can track a suspect’s whereabouts. The downside: They can have no idea that a suspect might be holding a girl captive in his home while wearing it. That was allegedly the case in Norwood, Ohio: Cody Jackson,

This undated photo provided by the Salt Lake County Jail shows Cody Jackson.

described as age 19 or 20, was charged with crimes relating to the abduction of two women last August, paid a $100,000 bond, and was placed on electronic monitoring, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. While he awaited court action, police say he got in touch with a 14-year-old girl on Facebook and arranged for a taxi to bring her to his apartment roughly every other day for three weeks in February so they could have sex. He soon took control of her social media accounts and gave her a strict set of rules to follow, according to the FBI. Then, after a visit in March, he wouldn’t let her leave, police say.

For the next several months—including after the girl became pregnant—Jackson verbally and physically abused her; told her not to refuse sex; dictated when she used the bathroom, showered, ate, and contacted family members; and banned her from singing any song performed by a man, reports Deseret News.


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  1. So if he never leaves his apartment, I guess that means he has no job, eh?

    Why do I have to pay taxes so this baboon can collect benefits? Just let the 14 – year-old girl’s father beat him to a thin, bloody pulp.

  2. I’ve heard of a “bowl cut”, but I didn’t know they actually wore the bowl.
    Sick MFer.
    Maybe a better idea would be putting ankle bracelets on all 14-year old girls. Sounds like they need tracking.

  3. Chin whiskers are so ghey.
    Splash some cream on that wisp and let the cat lick it off, it looks ridiculous dude.
    Punchable face.

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