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Electronic Nicotine Saves Lives


SmallDeadAnimals:  Course it won’t stop the nannies from trying hard to look after you for your own good.

Levy and his colleagues report research in the U.S., Canada and England, that shows cigarette smoking rates have fallen more in the last two years than they have in the previous four or five years and that this trend has coincided with the increase in e-cigarette use. “

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  1. I burned analogs for a good 2 decades. E-darts only thing that got me off. Dunno tho, with E-darts I can jam an equivalency nicotine of 2-3 packs of analogs in a day, but never burned more than 3/4 to a pack a day on analogs; the E-dart is more addictive and I’m on it big time.

  2. I walked out of a grocery store a couple weeks back and there 6 or so teenagers hanging out and two of them are smoking the plastic things. So I said “I hear the toughest part about smoking those things is telling your parents your gay”. Their buddies howled with laughter as did a couple people that were standing around.

  3. I quit smoking cigarettes by switching to e-cigs. Now I’m reducing the amount of nicotine in the e-juice. I’m currently at 28 milligrams, and will soon be switching to 16 mg, and then 14 mg, and so on, until I’m free of nicotine. Not sure what I’m going to do to about the hand to mouth habit…guess I’ll be getting fat.

  4. The ‘holier than though’ abolitionists, and those who connect the practice with what they do with a phallic aside, there is no evidence that consumption of nicotine is dangerous.
    There is also no evidence that moderate tobacco use poses any health hazards.
    The health nannies and those embarrassed by their sexual practices need to back off and keep their personal problems to themselves.

  5. My cop buddy tried everything including acupuncture. The e-cig worked where everything else failed.
    Now he’s down to just banana flavored vapor.
    I don’t know what the down side is of nicotine vapor.
    But I bet its better than smoking, even without the nicotine.
    Nannys gotta Nan

  6. I cannot figure out why a nonsmoker would be bothered by my use of a vapor cigarette. It is not harmful to others, it has no odor and it has assisted me in quitting nicotine. I guess science bothers them, as well. Mind your own business.

  7. Gwen, what kind of science is settled crap are you selling?
    Those things have aroma, at least the ones I have seen and smelled.
    Those things are more addictive than cigarettes.
    Many people I see with them have them attached around their necks like pacifiers 24/7.
    They look pathetic.
    Sorry but many non-smokers feel that way and don’t want to sit in a restaurant with an addict that can’t put their shit down for a half hour.

  8. Loco, really?
    You don’t want to have to see it?
    Do you approve of the people that don’t want to see alcohol consumed?
    Or the people that don’t want to see firearms?
    What about the people that don’t want to see anything they consider religious or culturally offensive?

  9. Gwenn, The comment I made above to some very young people was made 90% for the laugh (I’m a born smart ass) and 10% why in the hell are you doing that at your age. Meant no disrespect for people trying to kick the habit. Personally my three squares a day are Caffeine, Nicotine, and Beans. Working mans caviar. I can’t Cope with out some Cope.

  10. JohnS, the smell and addiction are what turn me off.
    People that wake up and have cigs, vape, or whatever first thing and all day long are what annoy me.
    They have an addiction.

    I drink but only when I want to.
    I am not beholden to a drug like smokers.
    I couldn’t imagine waking up and doing a shot of tequila.

    BTW, at a restaurant I prefer to taste my food, not some addicted smoker’s menthol exhaust.

  11. E-cigs are more addictive than cigarettes? That’s ignorant bullshit from a non-smoker. I smoked for over 30 years, failed at all sorts of different quitting techniques, and tried e-cigs on a dare. That was four years ago, and the nicotine content of the juice I use is between 4 and 6 milligrams.

    There is some withdrawal when switching to e-cigs; mostly from the extraneous crap in smoke. But e-cigs are not that addictive (other than the need for me to do something with my hands), and are many times less addictive than regular cigarettes. I couldn’t go an hour without a cigarette, but I have no problem going all day without a drag on an e-cig. Long trips in the car, airplane trips, and the like don’t bother me now, whereas I would break into a cold sweat at the thought of a 4 hour flight with no tobacco. I was the guy you saw outside the airport terminal huffing down 6 cigarettes in a row before clearing security.

    I think part of the reason I smoked (aside from the fact I enjoyed it) was because the nannies were always harping on and nagging smokers. You can’t put a cigarette in your mouth, but you can suck on joints, bongs and dicks all you want? Doesn’t seem right or consistent.

    Even for non-smokers, e-cigs have had a benefit. Where I live in southern California, cigarette smokers are becoming rarer and rarer. At the least, non-smokers don’t have to put up with the clouds emanating from the smoking area when entering office buildings, restaurants or theaters. And in my age group, the number of folks who have given up real cigarettes for e-cigs is pretty high, and anything that helps kick the tobacco habit is a benefit.

  12. Sorry if I touched a nerve but geez, I would hate to be addicted to a device that I attached around my neck like a noose or ball & chain.

    It doesn’t take a smoker to realize that is a disgusting way to live.
    I have worked with people with this addiction.
    I even went on road trips with them.
    All day, from dawn till dusk they were sucking on that thing.
    I suppose you think nothing is wrong with that?
    I say BULLSHIT!
    They have a serious problem.

    I have spoken with them and many agree they are a slave to something they have no control over.
    It is indeed sad.

  13. Bubba,

    I’ve vaped for several years. I have yet to hear of a case where a random e-cig had a defect that cause it to explode. Could happen, but what usually happens is some idiot sees modification instructions on the internet and screws it up so the thing blows up in his mouth.

    My dad smoked for over 50 years and had half a lung removed about 5 years ago because of it. Well, that and asbestos. Both contributed.

    /Nebox, Johnson Creek juice, zero nic for me

  14. @grool: Johnson Creek here, too. Kudos, good stuff.

    I smoked off and on (mostly on) for nearly 4 decades. Rarely more than a pack a day. That shit definitely takes a toll on health. I’ve been vaping for over four years now. Still addicted to nicotine, but I’m not inhaling particulate matter, CO, and the seemingly endless list of chemicals found in tobacco smoke. The annual winter bouts of severe bronchitis are gone. I’m not nearly as short of breath as I was. I can sing again. I’m not coughing up gobs of gray crap from my lungs every morning any more.

    My workplace recently banned Ecigs same as tobacco. I’ve been called out by public security personnel for using my rig. Fucking nannies are everywhere. They best watch out… I’m not getting any younger and my patience for those wishing for me to conform to THEIR ideals is growing very short.

    I’ve had a couple rigs fail on me, producing heat or uncontrolled operation. What I’ve learned from that is you get what you pay for. Don’t want a battery explosion? Buy a decent rig. THANK GOD for free trade with Red China, so we can buy all their substandard shit!

    iStick 30 watt, Aspire Nautilus tank/coil, JC Winter Frost VG18mg.

  15. Flip, l was always big on pipe tobacco type flavors, still am, but JCs new Whie Russian flavor is delicious. Highly recommended if you’ve not tried it.

  16. As a person who’s really sensitive to cigarette smoke, I find them way more acceptable to be around than actual tobacco smoke.

    The fact that it looks like they’re smoking a hash pipe in public is what gets me.

    Now it looks like they have an illegal-drug addiction with this apparatus being involved.

    I guess you could call it a P.R. problem for these smokers.

  17. Loco, claiming that every user of nicotine is an addict is like claiming that everyone who consumes alcohol is an alcoholic.
    I like fine cigars I smoke between 3 and 5 of them a year.
    Many people are addicted to caffeine. They need coffee in the morning. Do you view them in the same way you do smokers?
    The truth is that neither nicotine nor caffeine are addictive for most users, they are merely habituated.

  18. My nephew vapes. He’s 16 soon to be 17. My sister-in-law says “its harmless… much like using an asthma inhaler.” Oh yeah?, Do you use an asthma inhaler for 7 minutes straight? Several times a day? Amazing how people will rationalize their underage kids doing things to be ‘trendy’. Never mind the health consequences which may or may not effect them. We’ll see. I’m more concerned that he doesn’t have a JOB. Even a part time job at some fast food thingy… like his friends do. Nothing.

  19. JohnS, perhaps you have noticed you have a tendency to piss people off. You are a savant in that regard.

    I say enough on this site that my opinion is know without having to read between the lines.

    You needn’t try and put words in my mouth or infer something completely different than what I wrote.

    Please try to improve your reading comprehension and you may get along better.

  20. Smoked for a long time. Quit many times, couldn’t stay stopped. A vaporizer has been my salvation. I haven’t burned tobacco for nearly four years, and I feel (and look) better than I should for my age. Or so I’m told.

    I cranked down the nic content (I mix my own), and found that I like nicotine, and function much better with a higher than standard mix. ‘Course I also prefer espresso caliber coffee too.

    To the righteous right mcrighties, ponder what I was told during an initial visit with a freshly minted doc a couple of decades ago. She was doing intake, asking the (pre-gun) stat questions, and she got around to tobacco use. I’m waiting for the boilerplate lecture, and it never came. I asked why not, and she answered “Everyone medicates themselves, with behavior or chemicals or something.” If you think it through, everyone does. Whether it’s the beer after work, reading the Bible, meditating, banging a coffin nail, getting a pron fix, chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, working in the garden.. it’s something. Comforting and fulfilling behaviors lurch over to the definition of addiction (I think), when it impact one’s ability to function in a normal way with the rest of the world. Smoking cigarettes didn’t used to do that (until they kilt ya). Now it does. Vaping fixed that..and the gooders just can’t stand it.

    So I medicate myself with industrial grade caffeine and nicotine, appreciating art, as well as the serendipitous +. And I get on with my life and the world just fine.

    The PR problem has come about so resoundingly due to the nannies. Best retort I ever read to the ‘looks like smoking, might be smoking, so verboten’ was ‘can’t close your eyes, because you might praying’.

    The other issue, aside from the visuals is that I love starving the tax beast, and the other nannies hate not getting their revenue fix. The stop-smoking mafia is an industry unto itself.

  21. I’m sorry about your relatives, Loco. I had a couple of great-grandparents who reached their 90s while smoking, and used that as a rationale to keep going with it. Until I realized I probably wasn’t going to be one of them.

    That mafia has as its face the desire to ‘help’ people. Now that there’s a healthy alternative, their knee-jerk rejection, promotion of bad science and fearmongering give them away, don’t you think? Case in point; the FDA has had an approved equivalent device for some time. The cost is astronomical. Follow the money, follow what is euphemistically called ‘social control’.

    How dare those upstarts innovate a way around fedgov?

  22. Quitters never win.
    Winners never quit.

    Everything in moderation.

    Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, chocolate, almonds, popcorn, ice cream, bacon, &c.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. LBS or whatever your name is… I can’t use a vapor cigarette anywhere a real cigarette is allowed so if you think it has an odor outside, move the fuck on. If you don’t like how it looks or in your opinion I suck on it too much, again, none of your business. I have a problem with your need to be constantly touting your opinions on this page and you always being a first to respond to every post . It’s really quite sad and maybe you should get a job or broaden your horizons but guess what , Hoss…..none of my business. What next? You don’t like how I eat a hotdog or I don’t recycle?

  24. Hey Brad, I like you. Just in a pissy mood and not tolerant today. The clincher for me is he never spells my name right. Thanks for taking the time to add the extra N!

  25. Xmas card and box of laxatives. I mean chocolates. LOL

    Maybe it’s your delivery. I get along with everyone. LOL. But I’m good like that.

  26. Hey loco butt stain..if you consider me telling you to move the fuck on is cussing you out, you’re more of a pussy than I thought. Your fixation with what people have in their mouth is creepy and leads me to believe you’re not only a closet liberal, but a pole smoker as well. No need to respond… Your level of outrage is just too convincing. BTW..it certainly didn’t take you long to respond. I see you sit patiently with your email notification on ring and vibrate, thesaurus in hand rehearsing your biting, zinging comebacks…..snore…

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