Elephant Giving Birth – IOTW Report

Elephant Giving Birth

Is this a form of Red-Pilling?

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  1. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen. I love the way that the family surrounds the baby to protect it. Too bad some of our human parents surrender their babies to the groomers and other radical leftist ideologies.

  2. I saw a video a few years back of an elephant that gave birth, she kinda got frantic because the baby elephant wouldn’t wake up. She kept kicking it around until it finally got up. It’s a wonderful thing to watch – God is good.

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  4. One of the biggest achievements of the Left is to convince people that a healthy baby growing in its mother’s womb is merely “a clump of cells”; putting the baby on a par with a tumor.

    Those same idiots will “oooo” and “awwww” over the wonder of a baby elephant entering the world, but will never contemplate the same wonder of a baby being born.

    Words have the power to persuade.

  5. Even elephants know not to kill their own babies.

    Pro-choice people are far below elephants on the intelligence scale.

  6. Elephants giving birth are more likely to do so than 500 lb liberal shitbags are, having relationships, or being liked even from afar.

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