Elise “RINO” Stefanik Emerging as Bulldog At Hearings

I don’t like her voting record, but Stefanik has unearthed some Burisma evidence that is pretty damning for Schiff and his Schiff Show.

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  1. About f-ing time the GOP started pushing back on this disgusting three year circus the dems insist on conducting. Keep it up!

  2. She’s only one of few who are doing a good job. The minority counsel was boring, inept, at times seemed like the dem counsel and I’m about to throw up with all of this thanking her and telling her how great she is.

  3. She asked Great questions and made Great Points.

    What else happened in 2017 when the msNBC mika $cheme money $tream$ $tarted drying up?

    Mika Brzezinski Gets 3-Book Deal With Weinstein Books
    Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe, has reportedly landed a six-figure three-book deal with Weinstein Books.

    Mika Brzezinski lands mega 3-book deal
    Fresh off her spat with President Donald Trump, Mika Brzezinski has landed a three-book deal with Weinstein Books, which published her 2011 book Knowing Your Value.

    Ole Cuntry Loiah Joe Scarborough jokes how Mika vacations in the south of France but that in retaliation for France’s sale of warships to Russia, Ukraine notwithstanding, Mika imposed sanctions on France by cutting back her weekend trips and invested in converting her free bitcoins from Breakfast in America Deep State Troughs in Ukraine back into CA$H from MASS BULK PURCHASES at Baltimore PTA Library Womens Empowerment Book Branch Crab Feasts.

  4. It’s all planned for our “guys” to not be seen as “badgering a woman,” so the strategy was for a woman to drop the hammer on this “witness.”

  5. The republicans still don’t act like they really know what’s at stake here. Unless and until they realize what will happen to them personally if the democrats take over permanently we won’t see much effort on their part.

  6. Moments like this make the TDS sham leftist impeachment inquisition very entertaining. Doubt the leftards who worship CNN will get it, but hits to the groin of Shiftless by ball busting Republican comments is very satisfying for conservatives.

  7. RINO or not, she gets an “A” rating from the NRA and NYSRPA. That’s good enough for me…as opposed to Peter King, for example.

  8. Jordan got her to admit she did or said nothing when Ukraine officials were saying how much they hated Trump and wanted Hillary.
    She saw no problem with that, but sees a problem with that she wasn’t allowed to keep making money. I can guarantee she was getting money from Ukraine.

  9. Carnac says the answer is “lipstick.”

    And the question is: what is the difference between Congresswoman Stefanik and a pitbull?


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