Elite Units Of The Border Patrol Redeployed To Sanctuary Cities

ABC News

The Trump administration is redirecting agents from a specially trained Border Patrol unit to help ramp up arrests and removals of undocumented immigrants in “sanctuary cities,” multiple law enforcement officials confirmed Friday.

Members of the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, a rapid-response security force, are deploying to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in Chicago and New York. Other agents from several ports of entry and field stations along the border are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey, a senior Customs and Border Protection official confirmed. More

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  1. If they are going to be effective than they had better start by arresting the governors and work their way down to the mayors and police chiefs. The rest will come to heel shortly.

  2. From the source, ABC News:
    “This administration seems to think they can intimidate local law enforcement officials or act independently when operating in their jurisdictions,” said John Cohen, a former senior DHS official and ABC News contributor. “That is a dangerous strategy that will fail.”

    WHEN Democrats understand “their jurisdictions” are in the United States of America and honor THE OATH for office they took, this will not be necessary, until than, eat it.

  3. And I’m sure the agents, knowing they have the full support of the president to do their jobs, will act quickly. I am going to love watching this. May God protect them.

  4. @ Tony R
    Because Portland is total communist, they are next.
    I wonder at some point if the guns are going to come out at each other? Something going to give.

  5. It will be especially interesting to see how they will be welcomed in SF. This may be the Fort Sumter of a new Civil War. We’ll see if the SF communists will recognize Federal power. Could be the spark that starts it all.

    Not that I really want to see a new Civil War, but I don’t control events. If the Border Patrol units are forced to defend themselves, then shoot to kill the communist bastards.

  6. Get the rumor mill machine operational and there will
    be masses of illegals running from one spot to another
    as only 2 out of 10 rumored to be hit actually are, and
    the unnamed places are the real targets. Also go in under
    sealed orders and use phony DHS convoys constantly moving
    to keep the lefty leakers guessing.

  7. John- good idea. It would send them running for sure. They will go hiding in Catholic church store fronts if they don’t run away over the border.


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