Elizabeth Warren and Her Handlers Privately Acknowledge That She Blew It With Her DNA Test

Elizabeth Warren’s horrendous judgement, and Trump’s ability to make political foes dance for him like a monkey on a hot plate, have irreparably damaged her presidential aspirations, and, according to insiders, she knows it.

As John Nolte of Brietbart says:

If Warren had not allowed Trump to live so rent-free in her head, and if she was anything close to an honest person, she would have used the DNA test as an escape hatch, as a way to put this self-inflicted wound to bed right then and there by releasing a statement that said something like:

I’ve taken a DNA test. It proves I have no more Native blood or ancestry than the average white American. In fact, I might even have less. While I always took pride in my belief that I was part American Indian, I regret that I relied on my family lore and apologize for doing so.

Had Warren simply been a grown up about this, had she showed some humility and told the truth instead of counting on the establishment media to bamboozle the American people into believing the DNA test proved she had not been lying all this time (a power the MSM no longer has), this scandal not only would be over, Warren’s reputation would have gone up in the eyes of the voters.

Instead, she lied with the beyond absurd claim that having 1/64 to 1/1024 Native blood exonerated her Cherokee claims. But not only are those DNA findings right in line with the average white American, this sketchy DNA test did not even compare Warren’s genome to the American Indian. Instead it was compared to samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, which means Warren might be 1/64 to 1/1024 Mexican, Peruvian, or Colombian — which again puts her well within the norm of the average white American.

This post is dedicated to all the insufferable lefty fart cuppers who argued, smugly, on social media that the test “vindicated Warren” and damaged Trump.

You really are a collection of dimwitted losers, aren’t ya?

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  1. By the middle of next May, Ms. Atahualpa will be wearing Inca gear, riding a llama everywhere talking about how she could be the first Incan-American woman president.

  2. Her handlers don’t have a problem with her being a bald face liar – it’s just a problem that she proved she is.

  3. The acknowledgement of White cowardice has driven literally tens of millions of White Americans to try to escape it by undergoing a voluntary human metamorphosis and becoming “part-Indian.” 95% would become proven liars by a simple DNA test, but their children grow up believing the lie. Abandoning the White race means not having to fight for it or defend it in any way.
    Frazier Glenn Miller

  4. Well, she can always go back to her roots in Central America and lead her own caravan up to our southern border. That oughta score some points with the Left…

  5. If she wasn’t such an arrogant ass, she could’ve spun the DNA results as being disappointing because it didn’t confirm her family lore, but that she had no reason to question the lore because was proud of it. But, instead, she tried to spin that her 99.9% white DNA confirmed she was a Cherokee Indian and that if you didn’t believe it you were a racist, sexist, homophobic blah blah blah… The usual goddamn Orwellian horse shit that shitty democrat politicians always do.

    Good riddance Fauxcahontas… Lieawatha.

  6. You really are a collection of dimwitted losers, aren’t ya?

    LOL BFH, did you really think they’d abandon the lying squaw? The left-tards always circle the wagons, or canoes in this case.

  7. Being on the left by definition means one has a complete lack of self-awareness with regards to standards, rules, social obligations, norms and morays.

    Biden thinks he is the brightest bulb in any room he is in, Hillary is the brightest and most qualified women in the world, B.O. is responsible for all that is good while in office or not and all that is bad while he is in office is someone else’s fault, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan are “Reverends/men of god” who fight against racism and I could go on all the way down to actors like Jane Fonda who are flag waving patriots to anyone who would look you in the eye and tell you that gender is subjective all the way down to your ANTIFA street fighter who is nothing more than a grunge version of Hitler’s SA.

    There are full blown alcoholics who would give their liver & family to have that level of self delusion. Meanwhile those of us stuck in reality (be it by choice, nature or the level of drugs needed to get us to the level of self delusion of a leftist would result in an O.D.) have to endure these “lefty fart cuppers”. I hate them, I do hate them so.

  8. “While I always took pride in my belief that I was part American Indian, I regret that I relied on my family lore and apologize for doing so.”

    I spit my coffee through my nose at the suggestion that she could muster the integrity for such a statement!

    Harvard can wear her around their self-important necks as they drown in history’s sewer of unworthiness.

    On a positive note, THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP, for cleaning up another eyesore that was long overdue for the dumpster.

  9. The left could care less about Warren’s past, the lefty sites I troll are begging her to run. Anyway, all she’s needs to do is seal the rest of her records like Obama did and then she’s got a nice fresh clean slate to write any narrative they want on it and the left will unhinge their jaws and deep throat it way past their tonsils.

  10. While it might be true that the socialist Left won’t care, it is still grim for Liz. This article is from the New York Times. Whatever Democrat gets the nomination needs the fawning, slobbering media in his corner (Beto). Clearly that isn’t the case for Liz Warren (because Beto). And a lack of media support will kill her aspirations to be the Democrat nominee no matter how many socialists on Leftist websites clamor for her.

  11. As many times as the left has illustrated to what degree they are unable to foresee the unintended consequences of their actions, why anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would go along with their hairbrain schemes is beyond me.

  12. Democrats are like vampires, you better make damn sure you drive a stake through heart else you wake up and find them at your throat. With Warren the stake would be finding a real native American who suffered harm because of her lie of native heritage. Somebody who applied for a job or position that Warren got based on her heritage claims. Hell, just a native simply applying for the job that Warren got would be good enough.

  13. @Dianny.. I agree but those same sites distrust the NYT because they “are always for the Republicans” (I know, I know their logic is like a snake eating its own tail but these are the real life actual thought processes we are up against) and these lefty sites total about 10 million hits per day, true-life group-think liberal echo chambers.

  14. from the source:

    The American people are a forgiving people, but what they cannot and will not forgive is incompetence and horrible judgment.

    HRC: “Here. Hold my vodka.”


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