Elizabeth Warren Defends ‘Free’ College Plan Extending to Millionaires

Breitbart: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) responded to Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s (D) veiled critique of her “free” college proposal, defending her plan as “an investment in an entire generation of young people.”

Warren defended her “free” college proposal during a campaign stop in Iowa on Sunday, arguing that children should view education as a “first-rate alternative” no matter how much money they come from.

“Because that’s how we build a future full of opportunity,” she said, once again pitching her ultra-wealthy tax, which she claims will cover the majority of her costly proposals.

“Right now, they’re not paying (a) fair share of their taxes, and if they pitch in that two cents, we can provide the money for an investment in an entire generation of young people,” Warren said, according to the Des Moines Register.

“And I think that’s exactly what we should do,” she added.

In a Medium post in April, Warren outlined her plan for universal free public college and the mass cancellation of student loan debt. Warren’s plan promises the cancellation of up to $50,000 in student loan debt and tuition-free two-year or four-year public colleges. While her plan would cost an estimated $640 billion, the presidential hopeful has dismissed as “nonsense” concerns over the cost: more

11 Comments on Elizabeth Warren Defends ‘Free’ College Plan Extending to Millionaires

  1. This deranged, corrupt, desperate POS will say anything, and sell herself to anyone.

    It is hard to believe she is a US senator, let alone wants to be our president. Same with Harris, Clinton, biden, booker and the like.

    We either take back our schools and media, or we lose our country.

  2. When I went to a public school I was told which school I was to attend. Anyone expect college will be any different?

  3. I don’t think people know what free college is in Europe. Kids in their school system begin taking state exams at selected times in the education process with a big exam on finishing. Those deemed adequate get free college and those not can not even pay to go to higher education. Those not making the grade will be regulated to menial task. The system is not in any way similar to our process. Plus, the education is so bad that the US will not allow these graduates to keep credits earned at many of the European colleges.

  4. There is a bright side: if the government pays for higher education, you can be sure that Gender Studies or similar majors will not an option.

  5. Automobile salesman / Presidential candidate promises everyone free cars! But it isn’t self dealing for themselves and their class.


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