Elizabeth Warren Is Running to be President of Some Americans

“I won’t fight for you, but vote for me anyway!” ain’t gonna cut it.

Patriot Retort:

Say, did you know that Elizabeth Warren is running to be President of only some Americans?

Warren made this startling admission yesterday.  Though I don’t even know if she realizes that she did.  Which makes sense since any honesty from Liz is purely accidental.

According to CNN’s Daniella Díaz, at a campaign event in Iowa, Liz was asked if she would choose a Republican VP if she won the nomination.

As an aside, I don’t understand why they ask this.  If you’re running as the Democrat nominee, why on earth would you select a Republican?  Does anyone actually believe that the delegates at the Democratic National Convention would approve the nomination of a Republican running mate?  It’s the silliest notion ever.

Any old how. It’s neither here nor there.

The startling part is how the Candidate for President of Some Americans responded:

“So I think this should be less about political parties and more about who you’re fighting for. And I want to be clear that my running mate is fighting for the same people I’m fighting for.”

Shouldn’t a candidate for President be “fighting” for all Americans?

5 Comments on Elizabeth Warren Is Running to be President of Some Americans

  1. We can say she belongs in the same garbage can as hillary clinton, but clinton belongs imprisoned, awaiting execution.

  2. Elizabeth Warren Is Running to be President of Some Americans

    Elizabeth Warren is not running to be President of any Americans.

    She wants to be President of some Citizens™ of The United States.

    Americans have no country. They are explicitly denied self-determination by The United Nations. And their Duly Recognized™ Governments™. Most, especially, The United States (of America — hey! don’t laugh! there’s “free peoples republics” all over the United Nations’ map). The United States of America™ is The United Nations’ Duly Recognized™ occupying power of Americans.

  3. Why is CNN even thinking about a Republican VP pick by Warren? That’s one of those long-game setup questions which will only make sense weeks or months later. Something is up.


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