Elizabeth Warren Offers Woman ‘Love Life’ Advice on Social Media

Breitbart Tech:

Senator and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) offered to assist a woman on social media with conjuring up a plan to fix her “love life” on Sunday, suggesting she send her a private message so that the two can “figure this out.”

Sen. Warren, who earlier this year thanked her husband for being at their house — in a live stream video in which she awkwardly attempted to appear relatable via drinking beer — offered to help writer and comedian Ashley Nicole Black figure out her love life on Sunday.

“Do you think Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix my love life?” tweeted Black on Saturday, likely in reference to several of Warren’s recent policy proposals, in which the presidential candidate suggests that she, as a politician, can fix the public’s personal problems.

10 Comments on Elizabeth Warren Offers Woman ‘Love Life’ Advice on Social Media

  1. Oh, please. I wouldn’t take any advice from that disingenuous fraud. Besides, I already made my mistakes by myself, why would I make it worse with HER advice? Sheesh!

  2. Well , both of them have went through….Too many Bucks…a slice

    through the Nostril it is….

  3. If you think any advice from her is your best bet at fixing your problems.

    You have a bigger problem.

    I smell fake anyway. Everything is Potemkin with the left. 1/1024 Pocahontas is the poster child of this fact.

  4. Somebody help me out here, she wants the Senate to abolish the electoral college? Wouldn’t that require a Constitutional amendment?

  5. From what I understand, it was always the squaws that were the most savage when it came to torturing prisoners…something to think about…

  6. She might be on to something, she’s been doing quite a job f#cking her campaign up these last several months.

  7. The old school-marm won’t even use the hyphenated last name of her husband, Bruce Mann. Nope, just “Warren”, some guy she divorced in 1978.


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