Elizabeth Warren — one-time prof paid $400k to teach single class — calls Trump ‘greedy’

AM: To Elizabeth Warren, it’s those capitalists who are greedy, not the pointy-headed navel gazers sitting in Ivy League institutions.
Warren ripped Donald Trump in Cincinnati today, with Hillary Clinton by her side.

“When Donald Trump says he’ll make America great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump,” Warren said.

Referring to Clinton, Warren added, “She knows what it takes to beat a thin-skinned bully who is driven by greed and hate.”

Those are curious digs, especially the “greed” one, given that when Warren was a professor at Harvard University, she was paid nearly $400,000 to teach a single class.  more

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  1. Perhaps Clinton is just using Warren as a stalking horse but I wonder why the Trump camp isn’t burying her now? I suppose they have enough on her to wait until Clinton actually picks her but I suspect her speeches are doing damage especially among undecided.

  2. Color me confused, but how can these dirt balls claim they want free/affordable college when they benefit 100x and more than the students from higher tuitions?

  3. Nasty bitch.

    Saw warren and hillary in the same pic yesterday and this old story came to mind.

    A man was sent into witch country to find a particular witch, but when he got there he discovered the witch was a twin, and the one witch looked so much like the other witch he couldn’t tell which witch was witch.

    Comes from an old western I read and can’t find it to verify.

  4. You know what rich guys (like DJT) do in a great(er) country?
    They donate. They charity. They spread their wealth. They create jobs so more people can enjoy a rich life style.

    Versus knocking down the rich guy so he’d no longer rich, and give $2 more to every EBT card holder for an extra bag of chips; so everyone is miserable in a shit(ier) country.

    We’ll know how many people hate America in a few short months based on how many votes the democrats get while campaigning on destroying the country.

  5. apparently it’s how you make yourself rich that counts to those like warren and clinton and their supporters.

    how can you defend attacking those like warren and clinton who have made themselves rich from years of tireless public service fighting for those with no voice. all while feeding at the public trough and becoming royalty selling them out.

  6. The best kept secret from the youth today is WHY they are financing their lives away to go to college. Case in point, outrageous salaries and administrative costs. If only they ever questioned why the government was only too happy to take over the loans and make sure they were plentiful and available.

  7. So what if he makes America great again for rich people? I’ve never received a paycheck from a poor person.

  8. She has a minor part in Tom Fitton’s “The Corruption Chronicles” but I can’t remember exactly what.

    Basically, she’s an amoral, conniving, grifting, greedy piece of shit.
    Perfectly paired with HRC.
    The whole “Indian” thing exemplifies her character (or lack, thereof).

    izlamo delenda est …

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