Elizabeth Warren Takes Credit for Sponsoring Bills She Voted Against

Because she lies like a no-legged dog.

WFB: Underperforming presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has portrayed herself as a bipartisan dealmaker by taking credit for sponsoring bills she ultimately voted against.

“I do work with the other side,” Warren said in October during a radio interview in New Hampshire. “I’ve gotten more than a dozen bills passed into law, and they’ve been bipartisan. And that’s just been since Donald Trump has been elected president.” A post on the “Fact Squad” section of Warren’s campaign website similarly boasts that “Donald Trump has signed more than a dozen of Elizabeth’s proposals into law” and lists 15 pieces of legislation Warren sponsored.

Three of the items included in that tally, however, are bills that Warren ultimately voted against. The Gambling Addiction Prevention Act, the Sexual Trauma Response And Treatment Act, and the National Guard Promotion Accountability Act all passed the Senate in August 2018 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019. Warren was one of only 10 senators who voted against the 2019 NDAA, along with fellow 2020 contenders Kamala Harris (RIP), Kirsten Gillibrand (RIP), and Bernie Sanders. read more

8 Comments on Elizabeth Warren Takes Credit for Sponsoring Bills She Voted Against

  1. Elizabeth, it’s a waste of time and taxes for you to be running for anything — except home.

    Get thee hence and stay there.

  2. What do you call a no legged dog? Anything you want but he won’t get up and come towards you when you call him. Or you can call him Bob if you throw him into a pool of water. And I see once again the idiot spammers who can’t get their grammar right with I am made have struck again.

  3. Desperate when she has to lie that she worked with Republicans and Bad Orange Man signed into law. I thought according to the Democrats that PDJT tortures puppies and must be impeached and removed from office and now she is lying that she likes his laws.

  4. Lizzie in a tizzy is a shrew with a squeaky voice, every squeaky shrill word out of this harpies pie hole is either a lie or a lecture based on lies.

    She has no chance to be nominee and will watch in horror with the rest of us as the Lizard Queen levitates above the DNC and takes the grand prize away from Bernie again.


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