Elizabeth Warren takes on winter!



Patriot Retort:

You gotta admire Leftists.

They really do see themselves as all-powerful super-beings capable of not only altering the nature of humans, but also mighty enough to control the weather.

And all it takes is passing a burdensome Green New Deal, taxing the living daylights out of us and regulating our energy industry back to the Stone Age.

Liz Warren is on Twitter blaming Climate Change for this wholly unexpected onset of winter temperatures.

In January – go figure.

Our children & grandchildren should grow up in a world where they can breathe the air & drink the water – and go outside without risking their lives in extreme temperatures. It’s time to protect our planet & pass a Green New Deal. #PolarVortex2019

Who knew Liz Warren managed to get to her sixties without ever hearing of winter before?

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9 Comments on Elizabeth Warren takes on winter!

  1. A competent modern Cherokee such as Warren should be able to perform a ceremonial Climate Change Dance.

    Oh. I guess that would be a ceremonial Anti-Climate Change Dance.

  2. I had Hogan’s Heroes on the teevee last nite just for background noise while prepping some chow. Looked at it once, and there’s Colonel Klink wearing a headband with a single feather sticking up, my very first thought was ‘Lizzie Warren’s Papa’! A nazi injun.

  3. Liz the Lez remembers her childhood growing up in a teepee without central heating and says: “See, before Republican White Men completely screwed up our climate and environment, we survived in teepees and didn’t ever need a furnace…that, my friends, is what we need to get back to..life is better and healthier without heating, air conditioning, toilets, electricity, and all those white man racist inventions”.

  4. She’s on the warpath against Old Man Winter, an old white man with a white beard stomping around somewhere in the Red Indian territory of Iowa and Kansas.

    She got…her war paint on
    She got…her tommahawk in hand
    She wanna be an Indian girl
    And you can be her warrior-man

    She got…her buckskins on
    She got…a scalping knife in hand
    She wanna be an Indian girl
    And you can be her warrior-man


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