Elizabeth Warren Torches Michael Bloomberg for Calling Women, ‘Fat Broads,’ ‘Horsed-Faced Lesbians’

Breitbart: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attacked former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for calling women “fat broads” and “horsed-faced lesbians” during the Democrat Debate in Nevada.

Thursday night’s Democrat debate started by focusing on Bloomberg’s late entry to the Democrat presidential campaign.

Warren attacked Bloomberg for allegedly making sexist remarks about women.

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against — a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg,” the Massachusetts senator said. more

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  1. “I only said that about Rosie O’Donnell..”

    That’s how it’s done by somebody who can do it, Mike. Don’t you even try.

  2. I just LOVE how ‘Whore’N speaks as though Trump regularly talks that way.
    Aside from Rosie being called a fat pig- when has Trump insulted a women like that???

  3. What was revealed last night is that Midget Mike can’t think on his feet. Trump will tear him a new one in a debate.

  4. Yo Globeuchar. Those clown ass eyebrows of yours ALONE disqualify you from ever seeing the light of the day in The Oval Office unless a president like Bill Clinton invites you in so he can farm sprinkler all over your blue dress!

  5. …but if Blooms can’t stand up to Sackajacrapa, it would certainly be entertaining to watch the President destroy him…

    …but it won’t happen. Mooch is “drafted” at the convention. This is all theatre dessiged to make “her” seem sane by comparison, and to gauge which parts of the Communist agenda the Country will accept when they take over again…

  6. …maybe Blooms can build him a pretend Oval Office like The Butcher of Benghazi has. I’d suggest that, since Chappequa is in driving distance for him that he could share hers, but Hillary’s fantasies of absolute power would be disrupted by Blooms being in HER chair, so it would probably lead to her finally having that long-delayed psychotic break and killing hi…uhhh, know what Bloomie? Why DON’T you just toddle on over there, see what it’s like, hire a hooker for Willie and he’ll let you in the back door, it’ll be a NICE surprise for Hillary to find you seated at her ersatz Resolute desk…

    “CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK – More proof of Hillary Clinton’s compulsive presidential aspirations was revealed today by a former aide, Tyrone Gibson, who stepped forward to confirm the existence of a realistic replica of the Oval Office housed deep inside the Clinton compound in Chappaqua, NY, complete with high-definition virtual reality LCD “windows” that display views from the real Oval Office, including real-time weather and even the time of day.

    The room is located in the same basement as the restricted facility containing Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, which also happens to be a mock State Department machine. A Congressional inquiry into Mrs. Clinton’s emails during her tenure as the Secretary of State has also led to an accidental discovery of the Oval Office replica.

    Gibson said its construction started shortly after Clinton’s failed presidential bid about six years ago, and was personally supervised by Hillary Clinton herself. Costing taxpayers roughly 125 million dollars, it was reported as an educational initiative, even though it has never been open to anyone except family members, select servants, and Clinton’s personal aides.

    “We were told to always address her as ‘Madam President’ whenever we set foot inside ‘The Room’, as we called it,” Gibson said, noting that any other form of address would lead to a harsh punishment. “Sometimes she’d spend hours on the phone, talking to dead foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Ghaddafi,” he said. “But the strange part was, the phone line had never been installed.”

    Servants who worked at the Clinton estate confirmed that Mrs. Clinton’s demeanor would change in terrifying ways when she entered The Room. “There was some weird feeling about that place, as if something crawled under your skin as soon as you walked through that door,” said a former butler at the estate, Lou Merryweather. “Every so often we were told to serve food and act as if the room was full of foreign dignitaries having a lunch meeting with Madam President, but she was the only person there.”

    “Sometimes she wouldn’t come out for days,” recalled Merryweather. “After a week or so her clothes were all dirty, her hair a mess, and she had that special body odor about her. She’d just sit there with an intense look on her face, and when we tried to talk to her, it was as if she didn’t see us. Her therapist was afraid to go down there after that incident when she screamed ‘my precious!’ and threw a marble paperweight in his face. I had to drive him to the emergency room; his head required twelve stitches.”

    When it was getting this bad, the servants would call her husband. “Mr. Clinton was the only one who could talk her out of it, but he wasn’t always around,” said the former butler.

    Though many believe this discovery may be crippling to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, her famously gifted husband seems to have found a way to turn the bad news into political capital.

    In an emotional statement appealing to the American voters, former President Bill Clinton acknowledged his wife’s suffering and pleaded with everyday Americans to elect her into the White House out of mercy.

    “If you don’t feel her pain, you don’t have a heart,” said the former President, warning that if Hillary isn’t elected, not only he but the nation as well may forever lose Mrs. Clinton to psychotic megalomania. “You don’t want to be anywhere near the Western hemisphere when that happens,” concluded Mr. Clinton.”


  7. It was mutually assured destruction night at the Democrat debate.
    Bloomberg: “I hate women, treat them poorly, then buy them off.” Also Bloomberg, “Has anyone on this stage besides me ever started a business?”

    Nope. You’re all disqualified. Trump wins last night’s debate.

  8. The DNC debates are beginning to resemble a parody of the Dean Martin Roasts. Any second now, they’ll be asking Jerry Springer to moderate.

  9. @JDHasty linked a video of the start of my favorite part of the debate. Warren asked if Bloomberg would announce, “on television tonight”, that he would release “all of those women” from their signed non-disclosure agreements. Biden joined in asking the same questions. Bloomberg staggered and had no defense.

    I’m so enjoying watching the Dems during this campaign season. Hard to choose which one I most want to watch getting destroyed in debates with Trump.

  10. I think they know they haven’t a chance. But for little Mike it’s about buying the DNC and controlling what happens in 2024 when they might be able to beat who the R’s runs? Mike Pence is no Donald, but hopefully he taking lessons. Sometimes I think that the Republicans if they’re playing blackjack and hit 21 they still would draw another card.

  11. When they were piling on Bloomberg about his wealth and about taxes and equality, I was so hoping that Mike would have said something like “yes, and I employ nearly 20,000 people who pay income tax into the public treasury. How many people do you employ?”

    This debate will serve to further drive people away from the Democrat/left, or choose to just sit this one out until next time. The fallout here will be significant.

  12. Bloomberg doesn’t know how to fight back. Even worse, he can’t fight fellow sister women. lol.
    He only knows how to ‘rule’ and summon his yes men to carry him around in his highchair.

  13. None of em were comfortable being called out for their respective idiocies, imbecilities, and hypocrisies. Maybe none ever are.
    Seemed like none of em had anyone to give em occasional reality checks.
    No one to say “no.”

    Regardless of the unfairness, President Trump is criticized continuously, so he remains nimble – these socialists, on the other hand, are never put under the spotlight, except to be applauded by barking and clapping seals.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. POTUS Trump will be in no mood to mollify anyone in his “debates” against the D nominee. I don’t believe the DNC will want any debates against Trump. I bet they’ll never schedule any.

  15. Warren – calm down…he was referring to Klobuchar, who fits the bill nicely as a horse-faced broad. Leverage Bloomy to attack an opponent that has a chance of being your biggest challenger.

    If you want to survive as a pol in the Washington swamp, learn how to stand by while your enemies smash each other to bits.


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