Elizabeth Warren’s Family Tree Visualized



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  1. I bet a lot of her tribe which she would just STHU. Double down with that stupid video ad with her relatives in Norman OK.
    Reminds me of Steve Martin opening scene of “The Jerk”
    “I was born a poor black child”

  2. From glocktalk: Liz Warren’s indian name is “Sitting Eagle” That’s what they call a fat-a$$ old bird that’s too full of crap to fly.

  3. So because of Liz I’m thinking of getting mine done–I think I am way more Indian than her. Once I was a girl scout leader and driving some of our girls to camp and everyone in the car claimed to have native ancestry, including me. And the one family even knew the tribe, Black Foot, as it was that recent. Later the mom, a friend, showed me a photo of the great grandma purported to be an Indian and she had darkish hair and a squint, very Indian looking to me.

  4. I grew up with two dudes (brothers) who were half Irish and half Comanche.

    They would scare the peace pipe out of everyone and if they drank – oh man.

    Have what’s her feather sit down and split a fifth of wild turkey with DJT. That would be revealing.

  5. Elizabeth Warren hasn’t learned that when your in a fight and get knocked down more than once, sometimes it’s smarter to stay down.

  6. @TRF Don’t laugh too hard, DNA evidence indicates that he’s Liz Warren’s Great Uncle, ten times removed, but still they’re related, somehow.

  7. Living up north I am surrounded by several Indian tribes. Well actually casino’s, but there is heap big money involved.
    I now tell lib’s I work with that I am part Indian and to please show me the respect I am due.
    If Elizabeth “Gray Beaver” Warren can claim it so can I.

    I seem to be getting on peoples nerves.

  8. Well Doc, that may well be, but I’ll bet you a good steak dinner that she hasn’t shared 1/1000 of the royalty money from her book with her so-called relatives let alone the 1/32 she would have you believe she was 30 years ago. My point is it’s just sad that she tried to use her heritage, whatever it is, to get ahead. If I tried that it would be called “privilege”.

  9. B.R.R.R.R.R.RrrrrEAKING

    DNA recount!
    Proof she hacked the TEST right here.

    The Test Instructions clearly state no eating 24 hours before Test administration.

    Here’s her Congressional FitBit Calorie Count posts and this is what it said. . .

    Night Before Test:
    Appetizer: Acorn, Stewed

    Main: Taco Fry Bread

    Dessert: (Double Order) Mulligatawny Soup

    Day of Test:
    Breakfast: Asparagus Egg Pie

    During Test: Turmeric Tonics

    Test Intruction #49 states: Violation of testing rules and procedures invalidates test.

    This means: NO DNA FOR YOU!


    Raca-re-ra-ra-roo-ra-ree. Araca-ra. A-re-ra-roo-ree. A-roo-ra-racaraca-a-re-ra-roo.

    Doobie Doobie Doo

  10. Senator Elizabeth Warren when she gets the results of her DNA test…..

    Open Mouth……

    Insert Moccasin!!!!!

  11. Now that it’s confirmed she could have as much as 1/1024 Latin or South American ancestry, she can campaign as a Hispanic!

  12. My grandmother often said I was descended from Polish royality. Strange thing is that everyone who spoke Polish and English in that neighborhood also made the same claim. But my sister and I know we are Italian Indian on my father’s side because of our high cheekbones AND used to eat spaghetti.

  13. Fact is Warrens only connection to the Cherokee Tribe is that one of her ancestors rounded them up and forced them onto the Trial of Tears.

    “Meanwhile, William J. Crawford (Elizabeth Warren’s great-great grandfather who would, fifty-seven years later, falsely claim that his mother was Cherokee in that now-infamous 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application) was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1837. This was just a few months after his father apparently helped remove thousands of Cherokees from their homes and a few months before his father went off to fight Seminole Indians in Florida.”

  14. Lie-a-watha owes heap big apology to the American people, and much wampum to pay for the Harvard tuition she stole.


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