Elizabeth Warren’s Actual Tribe Identified

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  1. That’s a good one, Fur!

    (Yesterday I was asked if I identify as latina or latino by someone on the phone as part of a medical workup. I laughed and said, “No. My people are from Norway.” The gal (this was a young woman)laughed and said, “My *people* are from Sweden and my husband’s are from Austria.” We each got the joke we were making about “identity.” LOL

  2. There was a joke when I was a kid about the Fukawi tribe.
    She looks like a Fukawi.
    But she talks like a typical, annoying, lying asshole.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If it wasn’t for the benefits of Affirmative Action old prissy Warren would cut off her thumb to get rid of that minute drop of Indian blood!

  4. News Flash!!

    Lizzy Warren has been bitten by a mosquito and had her native heritage sucked out of her. After an emergency transfusion from an Indian to restore her native heritage it was discovered that the Indian was from India. Ms. Warren has announced she will be replacing her feathered headdress with a dot on her forehead, resigning from the Senate and seeking employment with 7-11.

  5. Since this issue has resurfaced, the networks (well, OK, FOX) has been running video of Lizzy at various locations. In every one she is walking 30 mph, like she is in a walking race! What’s up with THAT? Is it to avoid questions from the press, or is she trying to give the impression of youthful vigor (in contrast to barely ambulatory Hillary)? Maybe she just has an over-active bladder.

  6. @Tony, she’s always been a spaz. She even pats people on the back really fast when she hugs them. Like she’s doing speed or had ten too many espressos. Or maybe she’s been into the wampum.


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