Ellen Degeneres interviews grieving Parkland Student Survivors

Ellen Degeneres interviews 3 Parkland Student Shooting Survivors.
Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky, and Jaclyn Corin, survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, sat down with Ellen to talk about the gun control regulation they’re hoping to bring about with their movement.
All these kids are eating up all this Liberal Media attention. They don’t look so sad.


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18 Comments on Ellen Degeneres interviews grieving Parkland Student Survivors

  1. I have never been an Ellen fan. Never thought she was especially talented, but adeptly promoted her sexual preference into a great paying job.

    I do feel her foray into political activism is an unwise one. But I’ll never know about it because I neither watch her show or purchase any products she endorses. Never will.

  2. Remember time when that liberal guy was out shooting Republican congressmen………..and remember all the gun control demands……..and the giddy survivors on Ellen? Me neither.

  3. And to think… they were just wee ones, when they FIRST learned to, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

    Now they’re growing up, and putting into practice their communist indoctr-… I mean, “EJUMAKAYSHUN.” Probably brings a tear to the eye…

    To the NEA, that is – NOT their dead classmates’ loved ones. 😳

  4. It must suck to be blackballed as a “crisis actor.” No wonder David “Swallows” Hogg is perpetually pissed off!

  5. When is that Hogg punk’s fifteen minutes up? Sooo sick of his face. But I guess the Dems are going to run him for office somewhere, right? That should be pretty funny.

  6. Thirdtwin,

    I agree 100%. What is it with these leftards cornering the market on punchable facedom?

    This is a beta-male generation, and I’m absolutely sick of it. They are going to push for a society that gets EVERYONE killed because they have been disarmed or criminalized for expressing their birthrights as Americans.

    Not this patriot. I’ve been a stubborn asshole all my life and I’m not going to acquiesce now at age 54.

    All these jackass child-commies are trying to do is to frustrate us into firing the first shot and the media is adding the platform and the gasoline.

    Be careful what you wish for Mr. Hogg. Disarmament will come with a steep price and you and all of your cohorts have proven that you can’t afford the bill.

  7. I’m trying to decide who has a more punchable face; the Mexican bald headed dykette, or the skinny little twink with the huge melon.

  8. Did anyone see that little Hogg bitch interview where he was told that four policemen were outside and chose not to enter the building?

    Hogg said “when the police are too scared to confront an AR-15, you know you have a gun problem.”


    Proof positive it isn’t about saving lives, it’s only about their gun grabbing democrat agenda.
    I would love to bitch-slap that little punk and his bald dyke friend.

  9. Oh, the fact that the school officer actually LIVED ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS, rent-free, in a trailer came out.

    So, the cop knew that the school grounds front and back, could have come up behind the killer and put 15 9mm slugs in his back but chose not to.

    For fucks sake!


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