Ellen DeGeneres reportedly ‘is telling show executives she’s had enough’ and wants to quit

But, this cannot be! Why would the people she nurtured and enabled turn against her? Ellen is so progressive! So woke! She’s so LGBTQNTTAWWT! And she danced with Big Mike!

Lifezette: Recently, we reported that things had gotten even worse for talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in the wake of former staffers accusing higher-ups on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” of sexual harassment. Now, reports are coming in indicating that DeGeneres has “had enough” and wants to quit.

“She feels she can’t go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show,” an insider at Telepictures told Daily Mail. “The truth is she knew what was going on, it’s her show. The buck stops with her. She can blame every executive under the sun – but Ellen is ultimately the one to blame.”

This comes after staffers on DeGeneres’ show slammed her for trying to shift blame to executive producers in an apology memo sent to employees this week. more here

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  1. Seems her life has spiraled downhill since being caught chumming it up with old GW at a Dallas Cowboys game last year. Such a shame.

  2. Oh dear. We just had to deal with Megyn. Now it’s Ellen. An old ugly rug muncher doesn’t like it when people call her out. Hm. Go figure.

    Ok. Ok. Ok. Just let me take a peek here. Ok. Yep. Ok. Ok.

    Right. I give zero fucks about Ellen and her butthurt. Yep.

  3. When the going gets tough, progs run away and stick their heads in the sand.

    See: Jimmy Cummel for example A

  4. So quit already. A mentally ill person/thing/whatever begging for attention and for fans to plead with it not to quit. Bye.

  5. Rather than spend time reading or even thinking about Ellen NonSuiGeneris, I think I’ll go do something more interesting and productive, such as peeling the skins off chick peas.

  6. I’m not buying it. The vast majority of her ilk are a-holes. There has to be another reason why the long knives are out.

  7. All of this shit happening to Degeneres is because she was shown paling around with the Bush family at last year’s Super Bowl. This damaged two precious narratives the shitbag democrats who run Hollywood want to ram down the public’s throats:

    1. All Republicans are homophobes. Clearly not true.

    2. All LGBTQWERTY people must never be accepting or friendly of any Republican ever.

    The faggot section of the DNC is its most diabolically fascist. The black section of the DNC is its most stupidly and brazenly fascist.

  8. Ellen was in the infamous ‘white pants’ Michelle O video- and she (for some GOD forsaken reason) was the only person allowed to speak to the security guard from the Las Vegas mass murder case that the FBI fucked up and the CIA no doubt had a hand in-

    So lemme just say that I haven’t given Ellen the benefit of the doubt for a long time. She’s an agent of the state in some capacity. In the very least.

  9. So people are hounding Ellen because of allegations of sexual harassment by higher-ups, and Ellen now wants to quit. That’s fine – I would imagine that DeGeneres is fairly well off, and with royalties from past work and a probable continuing stand-up career, she can probably afford to quit or at least take a lengthy sabbatical.

    But that’s probably not true for the numerous people who work on the production. Without Ellen DeGeneres, the Ellen DeGeneres Show doesn’t exist and these people are now looking for work. But that’s o.k. because ideological purity must be maintained even if working people with mortgages and families to feed must suffer.

  10. @Larry

    It’s homodisgustia. You need to learn this new word. Say it over and over to yourself till you feel comfortable with it.

  11. So, a sexual deviant was act like a sexual deviant on her show? Wow, that’s a shocker to the dumb people out there.


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