Elon Expects to Begin Trials on “Brain Chips” in 6 Months – IOTW Report

Elon Expects to Begin Trials on “Brain Chips” in 6 Months

UK Daily Mail

Elon Musk has announced that a wireless device developed by his brain chip company Neuralink is expected to begin human clinical trials in six months, and one of its first targeted applications is restoring vision. 

The new Twitter CEO held a ‘Show and Tell’ event on Wednesday where he spoke about how the brain chip interfaces could enable disabled patients to move and communicate again. ‘It’s like replacing a piece of the skull with a smartwatch,’ he said. More

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  1. +5V in the head. Amps probably vary. But it had better not short out! (Couldn’t find any power/battery info.)

  2. Humanity has been exhaustively shown to be untrustworthy in its pursuits to improve upon God’s creation. Technology in mankind’s hands is exactly like a Christmas hatchet — once the appropriate use of it becomes a bore, they put it to whatever Promethean use is at hand, with dire consequences. And there is always the China, who would kill anyone to get their hands on the technology. What a thrill that will be.

    Often there are far worse things than being born with or acquiring blindness or not having the use of limbs.

    It is good that Musk doesn’t hold back in his description of what such a device is capable of. “Link” could be called something else and its terrifying capabilities hidden from the public. . .sort reminiscent of novel gene therapies sold as “vaccines.”

  3. Will this upset Alyssa Milano if she gets one implanted?,. It could only help. Poor thing needs a lot of help these days.

    It’s possible that she might have the chip switched out, to a German Brand name chip. Like her EV cars. Lol

  4. Once you’re chipped, they will have complete control over you. What could go wrong? Population control at a click.

  5. I’ll get one if Fur does. That way I can only tune in when he’s playing Pickle Ball and I’ll get his point of view. But I’ll opt in for his (HOPEFULLY) new phone instead. Imagine how awesome it would be, developed by a genius who makes rockets.


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