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Elon Musk: ‘Biden Is Treating the American Public like Fools’

Neon Nettle:

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has put the Democrat White House on notice, warning the American public that Joe Biden is treating them “like fools.”

Musk issued a fiery response to remarks by Biden about using American automakers to produce more electric vehicles.

Musk’s electric car company Tesla is the biggest automaker in the United States and the world’s largest by market capitalization.

However, the Biden administration continues to snub Telsa and ignore the tens of thousands of American jobs the company provides.

“I meant it when I said the future was going to be made right here in America,” Biden wrote in a tweet.

“Companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before,” he added in the post that featured a video of him talking with General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

“Starts with a T,” Musk responded.

“Ends with an A. ESL in the middle.” MORE

16 Comments on Elon Musk: ‘Biden Is Treating the American Public like Fools’

  1. They’ve been treating us like fools since Clinton. And we’ve been fools, until we elected Trump.

    Don’t get fooled again.

  2. When you consider how the average American thinks, acts and votes you should realize that Biden…. meaning his handlers….and most politicians are NOT WRONG when they treat Americans like fools.

  3. “Given the number of people wearing face diapers and volunteering for an experimental ClotShot, he would be expected to treat us like fools.”
    In case you haven’t realized it, you’ve officially reached Q level of being a zombie.
    Expose the Clot Shot Deaths. You’re being LARPed, just like the Q idiots.

  4. “treat Americans like fools.”
    Americans aren’t fools,they had to CHEAT in a BIG way to win.
    Now it it’s fear and coercion.

  5. Dinesh D’Souza suggested to Musk he buy or start his own network to counter Biden and his lapdogs, (Worded differently of course) in a tweet respinse.
    Musk got back to him saying it’s an interesting idea.
    Wouldn’t that be interesting having an autistic genius, kind of wacky guy developing a network.

  6. Musk took a nice shit on Turdeau about the Trucker Protest a couple days ago after he said we have “Unacceptable Views”

    He is in COOF Hiding today

  7. @Anonymous, 1st comment, no your still fools & if you think that jackass cares about his followers or anything but himself your an even bigger fool.

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