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Elon Musk found not guilty of fraud over Tesla tweet


Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has been cleared of wrongdoing for a tweet in which he said he had “funding secured” to take the electric carmaker back into private ownership.

Shareholders argued he misled them with his posts in August 2018, and they had lost billions of dollars because of them.

The proposed $72bn (£60bn) buyout never materialised.

If found liable, Musk could have been ordered to pay out billions in damages.

It took the nine jurors less than two hours to reach their verdict on the class-action lawsuit on Friday afternoon.

Mr Musk – who had wanted the trial moved to Texas, where Tesla is based, arguing he could not get a fair trial in San Francisco – welcomed the outcome. MORE

3 Comments on Elon Musk found not guilty of fraud over Tesla tweet

  1. Well, good for Elon, and some glimmer of common sense. Why in the world would anyone speculate based on social media proclamations? And let’s be honest, they were all speculators and not “investors”.

  2. Did the shareholders also pay his legal fees? IMHO America isn’t ready for an electric vehicles. Relying on the sun, wind, and water for power is a bad idea.

  3. Did anyone think the Guy Lifting most of the US Space payloads (2/3rds NASA Missions) was going to be found Guilty?

    The guy who is providing Starlink to the Ukraine. (initially FREE but I think he is getting paid now)

    They guy who makes the cars that the lefties love to brag about owning.

    Frankly, he could pull up and take a dump in the Pants Shitter’s corvette and get hunter to personally pick it up. I’m sure hunters done worse for a few lines of coke.


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