Elon Musk Pissed That Thailand’s Cave Rescue Didn’t Include His Mini-Submarine

What’s wrong with a guy who can’t celebrate the rescue of children just because his unrequested help wasn’t used by the task force?

I don’t think it’s just egomania, I think it’s a belief that he’s a god.

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17 Comments on Elon Musk Pissed That Thailand’s Cave Rescue Didn’t Include His Mini-Submarine

  1. Musk is a self-proclaimed “Genius”. Most self-proclaimed souls are also ADD, been bullied as a kid, stuffed in a locker. To get even he employs smarter people than himself only to fire them for not making his delusional promises come true. A con-man BS artist man-child. Not surprised when he makes a crisis all about him,,,Mommy they ignored me again! What a tool,,,

  2. If the dirty motherfugger is pissed about anything it is that he couldn’t manipulate the situation to enrich himself out of the public treasury

  3. Anybody notice how Silver blankets are great for kids.
    Last week Silver Blankets were the worst thing ever.

  4. Elon Musk will evolve into a Bond villain in a couple of years – just as soon as his super lair under an active volcano becomes operational.

  5. Yep, and I’m sure that musk had a sub that could bend itself around that 15″ pinch point. Methinks the man has delusions of grandeur, or perhaps rubber submarines.

  6. Back when Rocket Man Musk proposed his tunnel under Chicago, I joked that Boeing was going to build a submarine. Boy, was I wrong.

  7. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall reading that some of those cave passages were so small that divers had to take off their oxygen tanks to get through them. If that was the case, how the heck were they going to get Musk’s big-ass submarine in there? Plus having to drag it over the dry parts of the 2+ mile journey. Musk should get a grip on reality before shooting off his yap like that.

  8. People were probably afraid the thing would take off on its own and start smashing into things.


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