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Elon Musk says he won’t take Covid vaccine and calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’

Sara Carter-

SpaceX and Tesla’s odd-ball boss Elon Musk said that he nor his family will take the Coronavirus vaccine on the New York Times’ “Sway” opinion podcast, the New York Post reports.

“I’m not at risk, neither are my kids,” the eccentric entrepreneur, who is not a stranger to making controversial statements, said to host Kara Swisher on Monday’s edition of the podcast.

Musk also bashed the United Kingdom’s nationwide lockdown measures as a “no-win situation” amid soaring virus cases in the U.K., adding that it has “diminished my faith in humanity.”

He then suggested that, as a more targeted alternative, “anyone who is at risk” should be “quarantined until the storm passes.” This earned him a swift rebuke from Swisher, with her citing the number of lives that could potentially be lost if such a limited lockdown were implemented

“Everybody dies,” he remarked.

The 49-year-old billionaire has made similar comments regarding the pandemic in the past. He has previously called the lockdowns of various countries, especially the U.S.’s, “unethical” and “de facto house arrest,” RT reports.

While on the podcast, Musk took the time to point out that his commercial space company SpaceX “didn’t skip a day” throughout the pandemic’s duration in order to highlight how, in his mind, the quarantines were illogical. He further justified continuing to run SpaceX, saying, “We had national security clearance because we were doing national security work,” and that, “We sent astronauts to the Space Station and back.” more here

12 Comments on Elon Musk says he won’t take Covid vaccine and calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’

  1. That’s one-in-a-row that Elon and I agree on.
    Both the ‘Rona and the “vaccine” are an overblown sham.
    Not much else, so far, but give it time.

  2. He’s off the wall no doubt and looks to be running something shady with Telsa but he and I are in the same lane when it comes to getting a shot of this Chinese flu vaccine. NFW.

    And the mandatory masks are a lot worse than unethical. Was just talking with the sister unit living in Chicago and masks are required to enter every open business and in fact you’re required to wear one just walking around. She was aghast that hardly anyone is wearing them here.

  3. A less than benevolent regime might think getting rid of old folks, or other deplorables, with a “vaccine” will be cost-effective in the long run.
    Big pass, with a side of FY.

  4. Bill Gates is an evil knucklehead. I’ll not be getting the vaccine, either.

  5. Me neither. And I just love the humor I read in these posts! It’s good medicine!

  6. “Elon Musk… calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’”

    Welcome to the party, pal!

    – J. McClane, 1988 –

  7. Hey Peeps… Hell On Earth. It’s the only thing you have to fear. 👿

  8. I have to rescind 1 of my complaints against Musk.

    He (Allegedly) paid back the loans he got from the Feds, while GM, the solar mirrors and panel people HAVE NOT. So there’s that.
    My compliments on the trashing of Bill Gates. But the bigger psycho is his wife.

  9. “Hell On Earth. It’s the only thing you have to fear.”

    Well now, FDRIH, if one went looking for Hell and found Planet Earth, it would surely fit the bill, no? 😀

  10. I am liking Elon more every day. He may be eccentric but he’s not stupid.

  11. The UK citizens are being punished by the fascists for voting for Brexit (shut down economy), while still letting the country be invaded by their enemies.

    I pray for God’s protection on Britain and the US – that we will come out the other end of this evil with great success, and history will show who the real evil people are and that we dodged a huge bullet with the Grace of God.

  12. Elon does have his moments, and this is one of them.

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