Elon Musk says Trump will win by a LANDSLIDE in 2024 if Manhattan DA arrests him Tuesday – IOTW Report

Elon Musk says Trump will win by a LANDSLIDE in 2024 if Manhattan DA arrests him Tuesday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has backed former president Donald Trump for a ‘landslide victory’ if he is handcuffed and arrested by the Manhattan DA.

Trump said he will be arrested on Tuesday over claims he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair.

Last week the former president and 2024 hopeful was invited to testify before a Manhattan grand jury, with his long-time fixer and former lawyer Michael Cohen testifying on Monday.

He claimed on his Truth Social account that the Manhattan DA’s office will arrest him within days and branded the probe ‘corrupt and highly political’, calling the alleged hush money payment an ‘old and fully debunked fairy-tale.’

Many have been questioning if they will see the 76-year-old former president in handcuffs – with Musk now saying the move could get him re-elected. MORE. h/t Mrs.6Pak

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  1. I love Ron DeSantis and I know he will make a fantastic President some day.
    With this bullshit going on, I hope he doesn’t challenge Trump now.
    Stay governor of Florida and keep your powder dry.
    Let this shit play out.

    Regardless, Trump will unstoppable going forward, like Obi-Wan:
    “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

  2. Peaceful here
    Not watched a lick of TV
    Sounds like the same old same olds are at the same old same old frothing stage point set place walls are closing in promotions.

    Light rain outside, sounds great
    Kind of ASMRey with traffic driving in puddles

    Saturday Night Hilights
    Ramen Night

  3. Maybe as a third party candidate.
    Uniparty Republicans are going to pull out all the stops to cheat him out of the primary win.

  4. Trump needs to go scorched earth.
    I’m sure he has some secrets he could release regarding Epstein Island list, etc.
    Certain reasons he kept some things to himself he can now let it all come out.

  5. New York City District Attorney Alvin Braggis back & supported by a self admitted real NAZI collaborator.

  6. @loco

    “Regardless, Trump will unstoppable going forward, like Obi-Wan:”

    Whose votes, which demographic or which group do you see changing their votes to Trump because of this blatant injustice? I don’t see any.

    For the Trump faithful, they will just get more enraged and pissed off.
    For the never-Trumpers on the GOPe side, they will say, “He had it coming”.
    For the Dem voters, they will all say, “Whew, that should get him out of our hair”.
    And for all the low-information independent/undecideds, they will say,”Well, they arrested him then he must be a crook, and I don’t vote for crooks”.

    Getting arrested does not translate into more votes, not that I can see, that is what he is going to need, more votes.

  7. Rich, after both impeachments and the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump’s poll numbers increased.
    People don’t want a banana republic, kangaroo court, witch hunt, imprison your opponents kind of system.
    It will definitely fire up voters who will say “ENOUGH.”

    Trump can coast through the primary and then rally all around the country.
    I believe he will pick up independents and some of the old school dems that are tired of this shit.
    DeSantis picked up a bunch of dem votes in Florida because they are sick & tired of left wing crazy bullshit.

  8. Loco, I understand completely what you are saying, I just don’t see it but freely admit that you might be right.

    For me, I just think it would be better if he was NOT indicted, for anything.

  9. I’m not happy being a pessimist but I don’t see the deep state allowing Trump to be the nominee come November 2024. They are capable of anything to stop a threat.

  10. Candle Scents, you must be new here, accusing me of being a Trojan Horse.

    If you go back to when Trump became the nominee in 2016, 95% of my posts have been pro-Trump. That is well documented. Irrefutable.
    Recently I have been critical of Trump, but only because he was pulling some dem style stunts by telling outright lies about DeSantis.
    I am no sycophant for ANYBODY, I will still criticize Trump but I’m not an idiot.
    The time now is to rally around the man.

  11. Rich:
    “For me, I just think it would be better if he was NOT indicted, for anything.”

    Well of course!
    Yet they are setting the rules of engagement and it’s up to Americans to make it backfire so far up their asses smoke comes out their ears.

  12. DeSantis has been endorsed by a Bush, it doesn’t matter which one.
    The Bush’s are as deep in the swamp as a Biden, Clinton, or Obama.
    I think DeSantis has been groomed to run in 2024, then same shit new day.

    Obama, Bush and Clinton pledge to film themselves getting Covid vaccine
    ht tps://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55177741

  13. Won in a landside? Where when who says just like Kari Lake, in another universe. I think you people have been watching way too many multiversus from DC/Disney shows.

  14. Trump should say: Please don’t protest, the fbi plants will be doing that for us. Thank you fbi guys.

  15. Trump-DeSantis in 2024. But to be honest: I think Biden is going to be the last elected president of the US.

  16. “Trump-DeSantis in 2024.”
    That ship has sailed. Every person running for the Republican nomination has come out publicly against the which hunt. Except for one Ron DeSantis.

  17. “”Every person running for the Republican nomination has come out publicly against the which hunt. Except for one Ron DeSantis.”

    Has Nikki Haley made a public statement about this? How about Steve Laffey or Perry Johnson? That’s 3 right there that have declared, anything from them?

    RDS publicly declared his opposition to the MaraLogo raid;

    ht tps://www.huffpost.com/entry/ron-desantis-slams-fbi-trump-raid_n_62f265ade4b0ee32ad76d963

    Being a kick-ass governor takes a lot of his time. If Trump is indicted next week I suspect RDS will make a public statement condemning it.

  18. I think DeSantis is holding out until that perfect childish, ridiculous nickname is selected for him before he can praise Trump.
    You know important shit like that which occupies the mind of a former president.

    The MSM & dems have recently blamed train derailments, the Southern border crisis, and bank failures on Trump.

    Yet he spends his time workshopping stupid fucking nicknames for a man who hasn’t entered the race yet.

  19. Oh and yes, he wants support from a man who Trump just filed an ethics complaint about that wants DeSantis REMOVED FROM OFFICE as a remedy!
    You can’t make this shit up!
    You CANNOT!!!
    “Hey neighbor, you mind if I shit on your lawn, fuck your wife, and swim in your poor while you write a letter of recommendation for me?”
    “Thanks dude”

  20. Wrong. Won’t matter how many votes Trump or any other GOP candidate gets in 2024. The Demonrats will simply manufacture as many faux ballots as required to insure THEY WIN. Just like they did in 2020. TINVOWOOT

  21. My whole household, Boy, Girl, Husband & Wife are Trump fans.

    Unfortunately, being stuck up here, I don’t get to vote in the US.

    Good Luck Friends.

    The fate of the world is in America’s hands.


    El Rusbo told us 25 years ago, “BUSH REPUBLICANS ARE DEMOCRATS!”! Was right then and still is right!

  23. The plan, in my estimation, is to charge him and convict him. Then pass a law that precludes him from running again based on that conviction.

    The US we’re living in now will allow for this to happen. Create a crime out of thin air, convict based on no existing law, then create a new law. It’s very easy now. Even a misdemeanor will be enough.

    The rules are what the party in power say they are. The Republicans will allow it to happen. Our only means to vote for him will be to write his name in. Those write-ins will be found to be invalid for reasons outlined above.

    The fix, it was worked out a long time ago just as the fix was in for 2020.

    Eric Coomer from Dominion: “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f—king sure of that!” He sure did. To think that the communists have decided to usher back in fair play is laughable.

  24. ONLY if DNC photocopiers are banned from voting next time!!!! NO more demtard victories by 30,000,000 votes in PA for starters!!!!

  25. @ Cmn¢¢guy: Obama, Bush and Clinton pledge to film themselves getting Covid vaccine

    LOL! And what jab would that be, saline, or nothing in the vial. None of them got the jab including Trump. And, what does that have to do with being President? All the more reason not to vote for anyone who got the jab, they might drop dead.


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