Elon Musk trolls Twitter with meme

Louder With Crowder: Jack Dorsey shook up Twitter on Monday when he announced he was quitting Twitter. I’m not sure if the real world cares that much. Twitter is the least used social media platform. And as Dave Chappelle teaches us, Twitter’s not a real place. But quality shitposting is quality shitposting. And Elon Musk came in clutch with a simple meme: incoming CEO Parag Agrawal as Joseph Stalin, disappearing Jack Dorsey. more

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  1. Musk is growing on me. I still don’t think I like him, but there aspects of what he does that I’m OK with. This is one.

  2. this is Next Level trolling by Musk. The man is a genius with a sense of humour.

    First, he takes an infamous Stalin-era pic that disappeared (Menshavik?) after he fell out of favour with Stalin and was liquidated.

    Then Musk photoshops the Punjab Twitter CEO’s pic onto Stalin and Dorsey’s pic onto Menshavik.

    It highlights Twitter’s ongoing totalitarian censorship and it being ramped up under the new CEO.

    But the truly brilliant thing about it was that Musk posted this on his TWITTER account! I haven’t laughed this hard in years.


  3. Most amazimg about Elon is that he rivals Donald Trump in his ability to be able to amazing things, but still has time for fun.

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