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  1. We have funny people on our side.
    their side are made up of people who have no sense of humor, so their sense of entitlement and envy have grown disproportionately.

  2. And od this gal doesn’t work, they’ll have another one, and another, and another to lengthen-or elongate, if you will—the shkandle.

    And when all of that fails, the FBI might have to find some child porn onto his computer.

    These scum have become so pedestrian and predictable in their smears.

  3. Allegedly presented his erect penis to a female SpaceX flight attendant in 2016. Offered her a horse which she turned down. SpaceX later made a settlement of $250,000 dollars to said woman. Elongate, has just begun, more to follow, lets see if more can be “exposed”. $250 thou, pocket change to him.

  4. “Offered her a horse which she turned down.”

    I offer them ponies. He should have tried a pony.

  5. “Elongate”

    Well he IS African and you’ve heard about Those people.

    “Its twu its twu its twu!!:

  6. For an autistic guy, he sure knows how to disarm his attackers. Smart to chide them back. I’m not a guy and I got a kick out of his comeback, his a witty guy. They better step up their act with this guy, cause he’s a step or two in front of them. BTW, I read where the stewardess got paid off to go away and keep her mouth shut. If I were Elon, I’d sue to get the money back due to her pie hole.

  7. They know this is bullshit. Musk knows it’s bullshit. We know it’s bullshit. They know that Musk and everyone else knows it’s bullshit. And they do it anyway because they can.

  8. The accusation makes no sense. A modern tenet of the so-called “Women’s Movement” is that the modern feminist is a proud slut. Never mind that they don’t even know what a woman is now.

    On the lack of Lefist humor: A sense of humor, especially the kind that seems self-deprecating, has always been one of the basic indicators of superior intelligence. Interestingly, those of the Libtard persuasion ignorantly believe their seriousness toward ever situation means they are deep thinkers when it what it really means is they don’t know how to think independently at all — about anything. Humor generally requires the ability to think abstractly.

    I was recently at the docs for something and the intake doc asked me if I felt like hurting myself or anyone else. I realize they ask these questions for a good reason, but I couldn’t help myself. Also realizing that I could be dealing with one of those humorless Lefties, I quickly and adamantly told him that I was JUST KIDDING! Any thinking person would have known, given my smarty quip that I was kidding, but you can’t be too careful these days.

  9. Just the tip of the iceberg, seems his “little” guy wants to sneak out all the time, numerous reports surfacing Elon has trouble keeping his erection in his pants. Could very well be he loves exposing himself & just shruggs it off with a payout.

  10. I wonder if this scandal will stretch out? Or stand up? (to scrutiny). It will probably go flat at the conclusion.

  11. This f’n exhibitionist can go f himself on his way to Mars, please don’t crash, well crash badly too much, rich bitch is going down bigly time, just watch! The biglier they are, the harder they fall! fock-off elon!

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