Elvis May Be Departed, But Roy Orbison Has Been Spotted In D.C.

Daily Mail

Privacy advocates used Amazon’s facial recognition to scan thousands of random faces around Capitol Hill in Washington DC to highlight the dangers of this technologies surveillance capabilities.

While walking around, the team found the facial recognition successfully identified a congressman, but also claimed to spot Roy Orbison – an American singer who died in 1988.

The demonstration was a message to Congress to ban the technology, there’s no law preventing people from scanning your face without your consent anytime you step out in public.

A small group of activists walked outside and inside Capitol Hill wearing hazmat suits and smartphones strapped to their heads on Thursday to protest the use of facial recognition on the public without consent. More

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  1. OT
    Just listened in for a peek at the legal soap opera stream on msNBC. . .

    Jill ‘Overdraft Aged’ Winebanks has determined the impeachment journey is almost at the end of the beginning. Again. For the 11th Time.

  2. If they’re in DC they should use butt recognition, after all, there are more assholes per capita in DC than anywhere else.

  3. The all seeing eye they call the Cam Man

    peeks into my room every night

    with 24 hour round the clock surveillance

    go to sleep, everything is all right.


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