Email Undermines Hillary’s ‘Unmarked’ Classified Info Defense – IOTW Report

Email Undermines Hillary’s ‘Unmarked’ Classified Info Defense


This email proves that Hillary was aware that emails unmarked could indeed be classified.

She is a liar.

She is busted.

Indict her.

8 Comments on Email Undermines Hillary’s ‘Unmarked’ Classified Info Defense

  1. If she was selling classified materials to foreign governments via her private email server, jail is too kind a fate for her.

  2. It’s just been going on too long. I read over a month ago the FBI had accumulated far, far more then enough evidence to not only indict her for the email scandal but they had put together a rock solid case of influence peddling.

    Loretta Lynn will not prosecute her. REgressives never indict their own. See Lois Lerner who flat out lied and then took the 5th. Or her slimy boss, who simply has refused to respond to Congressional subpoenas, obfuscated a mountain of facts and also has flat out lied. Of course all it is Obama/Jarrett, but still.

    Anyway, the fact is anyone of us would already be in a deep, dark hole looking at a long, long stretch.

    I thought Comey might have the coconuts based on his past. It’s looking like she’s gonna skate. Unbelievable.

  3. MM,
    Loretta Lynn is a country singer.
    You’re thinking of Loretta Lynch (hang ’em high!)
    But the rest is spot on.

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