Emails Suggest EPA Officials Colluded With Volvo Lobbyists To Thwart Trump’s Agenda

DC: An attorney and junk science blogger uncovered emails suggesting lobbyists and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials coordinated on an effort to preserve regulations on used truck engine manufacturers.

“The purpose, of course, was to embarrass and intimidate the Trump EPA into aborting the rollback of the Obama EPA rule,” publisher Steve Milloy told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Milloy obtained emails between two lobbyists at Volvo Group North America, and high-ranking officials in Ann Arbor, Mich., where EPA’s vehicle emissions testing lab is located.

“The emails show that Volvo lobbyists were working to supplying EPA staff with glider trucks so that rogue EPA staff could dishonestly ‘test’ glider emissions and issue a damning report that could be waved about at a public hearing on the proposed rule rollback,” Milloy said.

Volvo opposes repealing regulations on glider kits — new truck bodies that use refurbished engines and are substantially cheaper to buy than trucks with new engines. Volvo and other truck engine makers joined environmentalists in lobbying the Obama administration to regulate glider kits in 2016.  more here

6 Comments on Emails Suggest EPA Officials Colluded With Volvo Lobbyists To Thwart Trump’s Agenda

  1. What’s the difference between a Volvo and the principal’s office? It’s less embarrassing if your friends see you leaving the principal’s office

  2. Why do they fit ABS braking systems to the latest Volvos? So the driver can stop quicker to pick up the fallen off parts.

  3. The Pussy has replaced the Vulva as the dyke vehicle of boredom.
    Can we please start firing the colluders?
    Projection is strong in Progs.

  4. EPA “another” created federal agency that goes well beyond the scope of constitutional limitations of the federal government.


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