Emerald Robinson: My Big Prediction for 2022

The Great Reset is a coordinated attempt by our corrupt ruling elites to end democracy around the world. Is there still time to stop it?

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  1. Human beings are not yet capable of democratically-elected, republic forms of government. We’ll come back in 10,000 years or so.

  2. I’d prefer someone other than the rape-acious Spaniards regime change the cannibal Aztecs. I’ll choose… (lookin’ at all the overflowing La-Z-Boys) and… OK…

    Welcome, raping Spanish overlords!

  3. A hostile takeover by the Dark Web Democrats and their collaborators for (more) wealth, glory, and dominance. I recall the liberals of years past were very anti-tyranny and anti-establishment swamp by government. Where did they all go…?

  4. I predict that in 2022 the vaccinated start dying at unbelievable rates… heart attacks, strokes, once rare cancers, blood clots, and immune deficiencies.

    Time to start thinking about putting the “vaccinated” in internment camps for the general public’s safety right…. Afterall, they’re tainted, right?

  5. Fun facts to know and tell…
    Bill Clinton visited the Newsmax headquarters in West Palm Beach in 2010.[32] In 2014, Newsmax donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation and CEO Christopher Ruddy has accompanied President Clinton on foundation trips to Africa.[33][34]

    This is whut you do when yer “unbiased”!

  6. I’m not following Emerald’s logic, why would the government impose lockdowns when VACCINATED people are dying? It’s not like the vaccinated are more contagious than anyone else and the isolation will not mitigate or reduce the deaths, the juice is already flowing in their veins.

    And the third prediction is no prediction at all since it’s already happening now and has been happening for a year now.

    The problem as I see it is that people (voters) are lazy. They will not seek out, and pay the paywall price, for those truth-teller journalists. They will turn on NPR on their way to work or walk by a newspaper stack in their local market and read some big lie on the front page and think they are informed on the issues.

  7. @Not me January 14, 2022 at 8:41 am

    > I’m sure God has a reason for allowing what happens among men.

    I’m sure men have more.

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