“Emergency” REQUEST Sent To Biden – White House Drama Unfolds… – IOTW Report

“Emergency” REQUEST Sent To Biden – White House Drama Unfolds…

The disease or pregnancy must be eradicated in our lifetime. We will achieve this through emergency “healthcare” measures.


Two of the leading Democratic senators in the reproductive rights space are urging President Joe Biden to declare a public health emergency as nearly two dozen states move to ban the procedure following Roe v. Wade’s official repeal Friday.

In an op-ed published by The New York Times Saturday, Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Tina Smith of Minnesota said the emergency declaration would help “protect abortion access for all Americans” and unlock “critical resources and authority that states and the federal government can use to meet the surge in demand for reproductive health services.”

Ending the constitutional right to abortion has brought the nation to “a perilous time that threatens millions of women,” Warren and Smith wrote in the op-ed, adding that now “the government — not the person who is pregnant — will make the critical decision about whether to continue a pregnancy.”

Both senators also proposed changing the court’s composition, reforming Senate filibuster rules and remaking the Electoral College, which they say allowed presidential candidates who lost the popular vote to nominate the five justices who eventually voted to overturn Roe.

“Simply put: We must restore our democracy so that a radical minority can no longer drown out the will of the people,” the senators wrote in the piece. “Roe may be gone, but the protections it once guaranteed are on the ballot.”


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  1. Those articles not enumerated to the Federal government in the Constitution revert to the States and the People. Abortion is not enumerated to the Federal government in the Constitution so the Federal government must stop all financial support and acknowledgement of abortion. It’s up to the individual States now.

  2. “Ending the constitutional right to abortion…”

    There never has been a legitimate constitutional right to abortion. The ruling that came down last Friday makes it clear that none can be found in the Constitution.

  3. Well, abortion was never a”right”, let alone a “constitutional right”, but the constitution does provide a path for it to become a “constitutional right”. It’s called an amendment, so if the pro-death crowd want to see such an amendment passed, they better get busy.

  4. Another possibility (?).
    Does a pregnant “benefits” recipient receive more “benefits” while pregnant? I’m asking because I have no idea. If they do is it possible this is a wash, spin, repeat cycle where “benefits” are provided up until the abortion (and probably well beyond) occurs repeatedly?
    I always attempt to follow the money. ‘Lotta times I run into a dead-end but ‘lotta times I don’t.

  5. When I was in college, at a Catholic college, the Campus Ministry set up a folding table and offered various Pro Life information. We were met by the usual screeching blue and green haired lunatic fringe.

    So, I went home and made a cassette tape that I put in my ghetto blaster and had a couple of the coeds with baby dolls sitting there with baby dolls all swaddled up and simply played the music and the girls were cuddling the dolls.

    A few days later I got a note that the Abbot would like to see me. Seems that quite a few of the gang attacking us were coeds who had had abortions and they had been in counseling and that by simply having the girls sit there “mothering” the baby dolls and playing the tape a bunch of them had suffered severe setbacks in their mental health counseling.

    They knew exactly what they had done and all I did was put it out there. The Abbot said that he knew me and knew exactly what I was up to and requested that in the interest of the school not having these girls on 24 hour suicide watch ask that I reconsider.

    I don’t remember all of the songs I had on the tape, but among them:

    Susan Raye – Pitty Pitty Patter

    Tippy Toeing

  6. It is impossible to give-a-shit about anyone that is sooooo engrossed with demanding the right to kill a completely, defenseless unborn child.

    It speaks volumes about their concerns for those that exist outside the womb.

  7. Check parent voting records at birth. If they voted democRAT, sterilize the child immediately. Then they can do anything they fucking want when they reach breeding age.

  8. In the U.S., ballots are universally secret ballots. There is no such thing as an individual’s voting record.

    Otherwise, since Dems are so pro-abortion, we could check voting records and retroactively abort them.

  9. 2nd attempt – emergency: lost tampon strings, kotex riding up, depends leaking, busted fingernail, beauty parlor closed, dogshit on high heel, rolled over on wet spot?

  10. God: I’ll put the future of mankind deep inside an adult human being I specifically designed with maternal instincts to make it hyperprotective and nurturing to keep her baby safe at all times.


  11. I always wonder if these ridiculous libs ever thought about if their own mothers would of had an abortion instead of giving birth to them. They would probably have sued their own mothers!

  12. @Steve June 28, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    > They keep saying Democracy when we’re a Republic.

    And you keep licking the short bus window.

  13. @Horrorman18 June 28, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    > Liberals….Facts don’t give a f@!K about your feelings!!!!

    Neither spears nor swords give a f@!K about your facts!!!!

  14. I second that motion.
    (not banned, certainly, just impeached)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Oh, wait … were you referring to fuckknuckle Biden or fuckknuckle Fucktard son of Fucknard?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Oh how the demons are screeching in full throttle anger and hatred at the elimination of their blood sacrifice to Lucifer.

    The Lord God Almighty in his perfect way took a flawed and imperfect man and used him to complete his will.

    Ending a 49 year genocide of his most precious creations. Beautiful, innocent babies.

    They will screech, they will bluster, they will threaten in howls of impotent rage.

    They can do nothing, the federal government is not allowed to spend a penny of federal funding to support, assist, or implement an abortion.

    There hands are tied, they will shriek out all kinds of meaningless blather about federal solutions but none are legal.

    They can take their “whole of government approach and shove it up their collective asses”.

    The process of tearing themselves apart and eating themselves has begun and it is wonderful.

    Praise you Lord Jesus…

  17. I mean son of fucknard. And I agree, he should not be crucified upon the Tree of Woe, but he does deserve to be the first Impeached shite on IOTW.

  18. If they want Abortion to be made legal then they must also want mandatory Alimony and Child Support payments to be made illegal!

  19. Perhaps a woman should think about the many available forms of birth control on the market today. If you do not want to get pregnant, take some precaution before you bed down with a guy. Men should do the same, if you don’t want to be a baby daddy, wrap it up & have fun. There are countless examples of mainly inner-city women talking to a “news” outlet, saying things like “I have 10 chirrun by 10 different men & we broke”. “Who gonna pay for all these chirrun that I never wanted”?. “My babies daddies have done run off wiff other bitch’s & we be on the welfare. Should have thought about that before you spread your legs, Shaneequa. The people who have not & will never know you, owe you nothing. Especially paying for your kids. There is no “emergency” of not being able to get an abortion. Everything & I mean EVERYTHING to these shit-for-brains democrats is an “emergency” or “people will DIE”. I’ve got news for democrats, people die in this country every day of the week. I’m fairly sure that the cause of these death’s are NOT from not being able to get an abortion. but having an abortion is the leading cause of death in babies.

  20. fnuck, son of fnord, Ye have been charged, by THE HIGH COURT OF APPEAL, to wit: Perverting The English Language, Perverting English Grammar, Perverting English Words, Perverting English Sentence Structure, And BEING A DIPSHIT. How plead you?

  21. Your honor, if it please the court, I should point out that my client is merely pointing out that no mere rhetoric can stand in face of merciless naked power.

    Thank you.

  22. You object in limine? Faugh! He has been charged. Ye shall too stand in contempt. Arraign this PRISONER!

  23. Thank you for illustrating my clients point, your honor.
    :lights smoke, shuffles cards:

  24. Oops, the was supposed to be the words of Chief-Justice Twofold…

  25. What point,El Magnifico. ninguna prisión puede retenerlo?

    How plead YE? Ye have been charged by the weight of the Privy Council as being something, something… let me check with the registrar…

  26. I plead my belly your honor.

    No court in any kingdom would condemn a pregnant woman to the gallows.

  27. @Technical Booth:

    :yellow flag: :whistle blows:
    “We need a ruling. Ninguna or ninguno? Al? Lil’ help?”

    Either ninguna or ningun. Not ninguno.

  28. Would you be willing to take that risk?

    Now, in answer to the courts question as to what point your honor illustrated for my client.

    Simply that rhetoric. ANY rhetoric now matter if it is clothed in ‘morality’ or ‘the law’ is meaningless in the face of naked merciless power.

    No matter what I SAY to the court, even if I am backed by ‘the law’ doesn’t matter if your honor decides to use the full authority of the state to lock me away for life.

    It’s the premise for ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.

    Now do away with me and your potential unborn child, and let the people decide your fate.

  29. It seems to me that fnuck, son of fnord (“fsof”) is a frequent asshole who occasionally makes an interesting, even insightful, comment.

    This may be blunt, but that description is one that many of us can’t quite entirely escape from, and I include myself.

    By my standards, fsof is quite often a real stinker of an asshole, and his interesting comments are a meager share of his overall output.

    Does this rise to the level of impeachment? I say NO. But it is definitely time for censuring, and if we had him in our clutches I’d call for a pink-belly.

  30. :pulls matching pair of cartel engraved silver plated .45’s:

    “So it’s mob justice is it? El Magnifico has faced down your kind before.”

    :cocks both pistols:


  31. I motion that the court, the jurors, the bailiffs and any and all assorted process servers, justice of pieces and Judge Judy fans to leave my client alone. Ignore him or her. Do not respond. Move on.

    :backs out of court behind pistols…races down hallway, leaps off the courthouse steps onto waiting horse. Grabs reins with teeth, fires randomly into the air, rides away, allowing fnucky to escape:


    :El Magnifico on horse back, holding .45 idly as he instructs a deputy to correct certain points on his wanted poster while changing the reward to 50 thousand:


    :shoots deputy in toe:

    “Lo siento. Pero así siempre recordarás….EL MAGNIFICO!!!!”
    (sorry. But this way you will always remember…..EL MAGNIFICO!!!!”

    :Rides down to Hermosillo:

  32. We might have some fun welding the abortion issue to this Western/Sonoran drama.

    We could call it Blazing Stirrups.

    Hedley: “You said ‘late-term abortion’ twice!”
    Mongo, MD: “Mongo LIKE late-term abortion.”

    It would of course be in extremely poor taste, but when has that ever stopped us?

  33. I et’ kangaroo oncet’ down under in Australia.

    Worst damn meal I ever had.

  34. I’m sorta’ charmed by this potential sit-com starring Mongo as a doctor of ….cardiology or something.

    How would a practicing doctor from the 1800s with a sub human intellect and fists the size of Christmas hams deal with this complicated issue of….abortion?

    “Mongo swore Hippocratic Oath… but big tit lady nice to Mongo…”

  35. Also…its Don Magnifico. Not Señor Magnifico. My Charro suit alone costs more than the average yearly wage for a peon.

    Now check out this awesome music I found for my fiery stage entrance and fire eating act.


    Seems like I should throw knives at my apprentice or something….

  36. Multitud duro.

    Although I have no idea why “tough”, the adjective, comes second and is masculine. It’s a crowd. Shouldn’t it be Duro multitud? Or hente?

  37. *yawn* *regains consciousness* *looks for coffee*

    In general, Spanish modifiers follow, rather than lead, their subject.

    El doctor Mongo acaricia a su muñeca Barbie mutilada.
    Doctor Mongo caresses his mutilated Barbie doll.

    and really…”Don”? Not “Excelencia”?

  38. Jesus wept it sounds like caveman talk. I can do it for two or three word sentences. It sounds cute…..just….I hit that second modifier and I’m a clumsy french waiter in a Blake Edwards comedy. It grates. Plus…I’m never sure where to stick the masculine O.

    Anyway, Don Magnifico is a man of the people. Its enough to be richer than they are…..collectively….rather than rub their noses in what they can never achieve.

    Besides, Dons are in a completely different tax bracket than Excellencies.

    Oh…um….and it turns out my Alma Maters mascot is a Don. So technically…I already am one.

  39. The fug was this thread about?

    Whatever. The point is,the Barbie being mutilated does not depend on the gender of the one doing the mutilating…..apparently.

    I would have gone with mutilado thinking Mongo MD., is masculine. However I am willing to accept that mutilada is feminine because the Barbie is……I dunno’, I may need to be bought off with booze.

    Look, the 2nd republic of Sonora is gonna’ have to enact some Spanish reforms for this to work. I can’t go around sounding like an extra from Quest for Fire.

  40. Al: “In general, Spanish modifiers follow, rather than lead, their subject.”

    El Magnifico: “I’d say its more like in Colonel, Spanish modifiers follow, rather than lead….damnable wiffle waffling modifiers. Lead follow or get out of the damn language.”



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