Emmet Till Murder Investigation Reopened

63 year-old murder case reopened.

Very well.

23 Comments on Emmet Till Murder Investigation Reopened

  1. @ Joe 6

    Maybe this is just the beginning of reopening cases.
    My guess is he was killed by demoncrats.

    Sixty-three years ago, no young Black man would grab a white woman. Especially one raised in Chicago.

  2. Was this announced before or after that 40 year-old woman’s body was found in the trash compactor of Huma Abedin’s (fomrer?) NY apartment building?

  3. Just throwing this out here. FEDS is DOJ. Who else is connected to this? I’ll freaked guarantee you it’s a Democrap in a white hood.

  4. If the woman lied, she’d be prosecuted. She started the whole tragedy and she stirred up again with her interview for the book. More ammunition to the Left, unfortunately.

  5. Val

    I think you are totally on the wrong track. This will be laid at the KKK’s feet. You know, Democraps.

  6. Because there just aren’t any current criminal cases to prosecute? Clinton, Obama, DWS, the DOJ, IRS, FBI, criminal ILLEGAL aliens, criminal-ridden cesspool cities, & etc,

  7. Deep State stirring the racism pot. Trump is creating job opportunities for minorities and it’s clearing out Democrat political plantations. Doesn’t matter the KKK, a wing of the Democrat Party, killed that poor boy. The left constantly try to block President Trump’s success – not going to work. This to shall pass.

  8. They’re gust stirring things up for a political angle. Not sure what it is yet or for who. They’ve already made this kid into an archangel so some group wants some more millage out of him.
    The only certainty is the truth will never be told.

  9. The predictable outcome is that someone or some group will claim it deserves a large financial payout. Of course, everyone who gets paid won’t be a victim and everyone who pays won’t have any relationship to the perpetrators of the crime.


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