Employees Within The CFPB Form Resistance Group

It appears that some bureaucrats within the Consumer Financial Protection Board have taken exception to new management and have begun communicating among themselves with encrypted e-mails. Inspired, apparently, by Harry Potter, the group of resisters have called themselves “Dumbledore’s Army” and they are disgruntled that their scheme to funnel millions from financial institutions into leftist activist groups is being shut down.


Expect this department to leak like a sieve and for the left wing media to try to make every revelation a capital crime.

21 Comments on Employees Within The CFPB Form Resistance Group

  1. If this DNC vermin is allowed to get away with this kind of shit, then it will only be because the GOP chose to be weak and let them do it. The democrats play real dirty. Time to match their tactics in kind. It’s not going to be nice.

  2. There is some good news. DOJ official, Associate Attorney Gen Bruce G.Ohr has been dismissed in relation to the Fusion GPS Dossier. Maybe things are starting to change.

  3. Fire any one using any unathorized encryption software on any govt computer, phone,or doing any government business encrypted. If it is personnel, should not be doing it on govt, time fire them for that too.

  4. Dianny date me to the punch, the easiest way to resolve this quandary is fire the whole bunch.
    is not like what they do is important. They just sit in a chair and shuffle papers. let’s see who is first to the unemployment line!

  5. According to Wikipedia the CFPB has 1600 employees. The CFPB is definitely not too big to fail. Its actions can and should be immediately suspended, the building locked down, computers seized until records can be decrypted and restored. Then let the shit hit the fan. Termination for falsifying public records plus jail time, if applicable, would be a good start. We, the general public, are getting damn tired of people we pay doing any damn thing they want with no repercussions for criminal activities. Hang the SOBS.

  6. Fumigate. Close the building down while necessary ‘fumigation’ is performed. No notice, just do it. Then change out computers, search for ‘bugs’ or other spyware, then let the employees back into their newly arranged open floor plan workspace.

  7. It didn’t exist until three years ago. Did not need it then. Do not need it now.

    Padlock the doors and kick the leftwing fucks and their 99.95% donations to Democrats into the streets.

  8. Restrict all office materials to
    lined 8 1/2 x 11 paper and pencils
    without erasers. No puters, phones
    or other electronic devices allowed
    except an AM radio may be played
    at lunch. Then use retired MP
    Corporals to sit in their office
    and watch everything they do as they
    climb the walls.

  9. Don’t pre-announce the firings and closing. Just show up with with Marshals, escort the vermin out of the building and change the locks.

    Or they will defecate and piss in the hallways like the EPA.

    Sick commie vermin.


    ◾Texas secedes
    ◾Red states join the United States of Texas, with an actual Constitution
    ◾Red State I.D. is issued to travel, pay taxes, vote etc.
    ◾There remains the old Federal gov’t in D.C. + Blue states
    ◾They are stuck with $20 Trillion debt plus liabilities
    ◾They can’t pay it
    ◾United States of Texas bans welfare
    ◾Welfare parasites flee to Blue states, further crushing their economy
    ◾People or other states join the red states
    ◾U.S.T. issues its own currency
    ◾U.S.T. recalls all troops from former U.S.A.
    ◾U.S.T. defends its own territory

    ◾United States of California crumbles under its own weight of corruption, crime, and bankruptcy
    ◾ They default on their debts
    ◾United States of Texas re-absorbs remaining states to have a new United States of America.

    Not perfect, many flaws, but a better solution than trying to live “Side-by-side” in peace with domestic terrorists, whose only goal is to rip down what we have.

  11. Dumbledore’s Army..


    Why do these Lefty assholes always come out with the Harry Potter references? First of all, the books weren’t that damn good. Second, you Libtards should try reading a different book. ANY different book.

    Of course if they did that, they might find out that Harry Potter kinda sucks. Plus hopefully they might learn a thing or two, and that might lead to their no longer being Libtards.

    But I doubt it.

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