Employment and the Vote

American Thinker: Who would think it wise to allow foreigners the right to make all financial decisions for citizens in the United States as well as share in any of the profits?  The answer for most people would be a resounding “Nobody”!  The primary reason to avoid such an arrangement is that strangers with no skin in the game could then make the riskiest investments with OPM (other people’s money).  In the above hypothetical case, foreigners would have everything to gain and nothing to lose while the U.S. citizen assumed all of the risks.

Can you imagine living in such a one-sided relationship? Well, hard-working American taxpayers residing in large liberal cities do it every day.

Liberal-controlled cities are massively dysfunctional for many reasons, but perhaps the single most destructive element is the unfair redistribution of wealth.  In the liberal mind of equality of outcome, nonworkers can live a lifestyle similar to those working long hours. Through the forced confiscation of income, otherwise known as taxes, liberal city governments place the financial burden on the shoulders of hard-working men and women to pay for the expenses of nonworkers. Very often young working couples put off buying their first home or starting a family because of the resulting higher cost of living and because they are busy paying for the growing number of children being born to nonworkers.  The rest is here


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  1. Exhibit A: Three Dollar Bill (Peduto) – D(umbass), Pittsburgh; selling out American taxpayers in Poland this week. 😡


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