“Empowering Morons and Demagogues”

Tucker Carlson examines the rhetoric spewing from democrat politicians last week over the Senate Judiciary circus and has found it divisive and destructive beyond any previous low standard of what passes for discourse in Washington nowadays. The examples he uses are not the exception but the rule for those shouting the loudest. The accusations against Kavanaugh aren’t the reason, it’s the excuse for pouring such poison over the political landscape of the country. More

2 Comments on “Empowering Morons and Demagogues”

  1. It might help if the dialogue was carried on in with words of 5 letters or less, so the poor babies don’t get confused.

  2. All this garbage is just more sour grapes from those that were dealt a sound thrashing in the last election.
    Childish pouting and tantrums from mentally undeveloped brats.
    The dems approach all government positions as tho they were their rightful place and republicans have stolen them.
    They are desperate now with the shift in the public’s popular support for the president and it has them completely flummoxed.
    Keep poking at them and enjoy the show.


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