# Empty Shelves Joe

IlDonaldoTrumpo: — Today we got the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe trending to #1 on Twitter. It even made the news!!!😂😂😂 Watch video.
And this one.
And this one, too.
OK, Wait! There’s one more.

12 Comments on # Empty Shelves Joe

  1. I have a suggestion for that picture of joe facing the brick wall –
    Zoom out a bit to show a wet wall with Joe telling himself “Let’s go Brandon”
    (Who knew he called it Brandon!)

  2. Someone needs to make a Pete Buttedgedge “Elf on a Shelf” this Christmas since that fag is responsible as well.
    Imagine that cocksucker thinks he’s in line to be the next president…

  3. Day 3 of Amazon telling me an item is out of stock in my next Subscribe and Save order. Pretty soon they’ll be shipping an empty box.

  4. @ geoff the aardvark.
    Sitting in my lap is a Mad Magazine “Stocking Stuffer” issue dated for last display date as of 2/12/21.
    My sister has taken it upon herself to always find me a new “Mad” every Christmas.
    Something to do about our misguided youth.
    We are both past retirement age.


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