EMS 1st Responders Frustrated That They Were Delayed Being Allowed Into Parkland


“I would hypothesize I could have saved lives. I can’t say for sure.”

Three high-ranking sources including a fire official told Fox News the responder who spoke to Entin could be accurate.

“The WSVN report is correct,” one source said.

“The WSVN report does not shock me given what I’ve found out,” said the fire official.

Several sources described the scene as very intense but gave credit to EMS for their heroic efforts and saving lives.

“We treated and transported and saved lives,” one fire official said, comparing the situation to a battlefield as emergency responders even used “tourniquets” and “high level treatments” in the field.

Three high-ranking Florida officials close to the law enforcement response at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tell Fox News there was a delay in Emergency Medical Service getting into the school in the critical moments after Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire, killing 17 people and wounding at least 14 others.

 Two separate sources told Fox News some of the EMS teams who requested to enter the school were told they could not. One source said it was the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – which was the commanding office – that ordered some of the EMS crews not to go into the school when they requested to enter.“What’s going to come out is, in the communications on several circumstances, there was the request to enter… the request was denied from Broward County,” a Florida official told Fox News.

“When you have a police agency saying we don’t want you going in, that’s a problem,” another Florida official said. “The training since Columbine has been [that] first responders, police go in immediately with paramedics.”

In an email to Fox News, a BSO spokesperson forwarded a memo it released on Saturday. In part, the memo read, “there are multiple investigations being conducted in addition to the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Investigators will not be rushed or asked to jump to conclusions. Their investigations are thorough and methodical as they take and compare witness statements, review dozens of incident reports, transcribe and analysis numerous radio transmissions, listen to more than 80 911 calls.”


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  1. The more we find out about this massive clusterf**k, the less likely anyone’s going to want to be blaming the NRA for it.

    Assuming they have a functional brain in their heads, that is.

    I realize this requirement excludes Leftists, of course.

  2. Isreal needed dead bodies,if they all had lived how could the Evil Lib’s
    use the “Tragedy as an Opportunity” to take our rights away.

  3. Another debacle like Las Vegas. I am not a conspiracy theory person, but it really seems like there is such a breakdown of EVERYTHING, each time. I understand confusion under fire, and I understand ‘debriefing’, and I understand PTSD.

    But there seems to be a common stench of obama regime ‘hide-the-real-picture’ social ‘justice’ policies and their results. The cover up of crimes, combined with release of thugs, or ignoring them seems a factor.

    The breakdown of American society is deliberate.

    Kurt Schlichter has two books, which seem to illustrate our future. THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC and INDIAN COUNTRY. In his future California, (and several other leftist states) which have broken from the U.S, thugs and gangs and prisoners released are law enforcement.

    Also, the three books by Matthew Bracken read like a blueprint of the future.

    It is disheartening to see the FBI and DOJ exposed as having been spoiled by criminal and perhaps treasonous people, much like congress, the IRS, and all of the obama era government. No wonder HRC keeps on ticking; the D.C. cabal have the ‘goods’ on each other.

  4. 17 families and half of America want ANSWERS!!
    Sheriff Israel has already had his ‘come to allah’ moment.
    Now he needs a real ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting!

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