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  1. Why raise an Invading army when you can lower resistance and common sense? Welcoming our destruction with open arms.

  2. The,republicans are not our party – they are just the largest franchise opposing the democrats. But that franchise is just that: a business, and one that is selling out the country.

    Forget the GOP. Just donate to individual candidates

  3. The muzz monsters have punched a hole in a suburb of Richmond. Henrico (hen-RYE-co) county supervisors prostrated themselves before the bully invaders, approving a mosque be built, and a once nice subrban area has gone to crap, property values as well. They took their sweet time building it, never adding a lick of landscaping. It looks like Mosul.

    Good on this guy for speaking out.

  4. Punishment for voting for Trump in ’16. Sure, you got to keep your coal mines, but the dems are going to make sure your Muslim refugees are relocated to you’re towns and neighborhoods, not theirs down around D.C.

  5. @TonyR

    “These “Greeks” didn’t even need a “horse” to invade “Troy”.”

    Well, many of them DID ride in on KERRY’S watch… 😳

  6. Look, this is easy,
    Go to a flint knapper and order twenty arrowheads in local stone.
    ‘Find one and bring it to the local archeological society, and notify the local tribal council.
    Go to Camp Verde AZ and go up the hill outside of town and get a hundred or so authentic pottery shards (they’re everywhere) and take them back and ‘Find’ those also.
    They will stop construction while the collective powers scratch their asses for two years and after a few experimental digs, they will produce a ream of gibberish without conclusion.
    By then the project will have deteriorated to the point where it costs twice as much as it normally would

  7. Democrats/Liberals/Communists/Progressives are all the same in their goal — which is the total destruction of the moral and ethical structure of the USA. It is happening, and has been happening for years. Especially targeted is any Christian influence in any sphere of society. That is why the political policies have been against Christians and for America hating Muslims/Blacks to be in the majority and to gain power positions. Progressives are the most evil political forces demanding and getting the most perverse teachings and behaviors to be allowed and legislated legal. Those who have acquired the controlling positions of power in society hate what America has been, based mainly on Christian morality and teaching. America has been almost completely overcome by this sinister, evil power, and is becoming what Weimar Germany became as a defeated nation after WWI. A reverse coup against this evil was the only rescue Germany could have had. Thus far, America does not even have this hope.

    Poverty, Perversion, Progressivism: San Francisco 2018
    By ROD DREHER • September 30, 2018, 11:14 PM
    The Catholic writer and activist Joseph Sciambra, who is one of the bravest men in this country, went to the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco today, to attempt to talk to people about the faith — to, in the words of one of his supporters, “save people from the Hell in which he once lived.” The Folsom Street Fair is a yearly sadomasochistic street festival celebrating sexual kink. Sciambra posted this picture above from today’s event on his Facebook page.

    Communist Agenda To Destroy
    American Culture, Morality

    The Zionist Communist Takeover Of
    America – 45 Declared Goals
    By Jeff Rense

    Walt Disney’s Communist Agenda

    Weimar Meets America – A Study In National Collapse

    12 Oct 2017 Jedidiah Van Horn

  8. leave a pigs head at the site with a note saying the rest of the pig is buried somewhere nearby (throw pigs body in ocean)

    three or four months later (after they finish searching) repeat


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