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ENGELnotsoBREIT Honors Elizabeth Warren

If you consider yourself a conservative, do us all a favor and never buy an Engelbreit product, nor accept one from someone who sends it to you. She is an insufferable lefttard.


“Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech,” Mitch McConnell said. “She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

#ShePersisted, #LetLizSpeak and “Silencing Elizabeth Warren” were among Twitter’s top trending topics in the United States by Wednesday morning.

Women in particular bristled at the sentiment — essentially, to sit down and stop talking — and noted it was hardly unfamiliar to them.

Let’s be real. What happened to @SenWarren is not a new phenomenon, and every woman watching knows EXACTLY what is going on.

On the heels of the furious tweets came the memes.

Soon, people were applying McConnell’s trio of sentences to any notable situation — historical or fictional — in which women had been silenced.

The Suffragettes. Rosa Parks. Harriet Tubman. Malala Yousafzai. Even Princess Leia.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren was out of order, violated Seanate rules. She was asked to stop. She didn’t. She was asked to be seated. I consider her a disgrace to be a member of the Senate. I hope Massachusetts votes her out when her term is up.

  2. Yeah, “Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies” filled with liberal tears, pink p*ssy hats and pre-printed protest signs.
    Bite me and ‘eff you Mary.

  3. They get all bitched up over being given equal treatment under the rules – exactly what they *CLAIM* they want. Obviously, though, what they want is special snowflake treatment for themselves, because they have stupid knitted hats and no ability for rational thought.

    Were the fake feminists applying this crap to every muslim women that has ever lived under islam?


    Huh. It’s almost exactly like they are worthless hypocrites.

  4. I know it isn’t exactly the same thing, BUTT, when I was a police officer and had to testify in court we ALL had to abide by strict rules. For example, if the defense attorney objected at my testimony I had to STOP talking and allow the judge to rule on the objection before I could continue. I wasn’t being silenced because I’m a woman. It was because of RULES. Geeeesh!!!

  5. If Lizzie Warren checked the minority box on any of her applications she is a lying fraud and may have denied a deserving minority a position. So yes she should sit down and shut up.

  6. I ditched englebreit during to hands up don’t shoot period. Bought her stuff all the time, no more. Prog $#!+ is still $#!+ even when dolled up in cutsie art. She became insufferable, she went on tv to complain about all the haters who wanted her to just stick to holiday card artwork.

  7. Too bad she couldn’t be bothered to parent her son. He fathered a child at age 16 and was later found dead in his car under ‘mysterious circumstances.’ White rich boys lives don’t matter even if you’re the parent.

  8. Who in the hell is Engelbreit? Does she have anything to do with high school football, square body Ford pick-ups, baseball, guns, pretty women, home brewed beer, real chili (no fu*kin’ beans), grandkids, the genius of John Moses Browning, manners learned from parents, jacked up trucks, Christian faith, conservative politics, honor as a matter of lifestyle, authentic Southern Pride, real American Indian ancestors that I don’t need to lie about, Texas, a good cigar and glass of Jack, women in tight jeans, smokey honkey tonks, classic country music, hunting in the high country of New Mexico, the United States Marines and about 40 other things near and dear to me?

    That’s why I never heard of her.

  9. I’m getting to the point where I’m going to wear my BVD’s on the outside

    why? you ask? (of course you did!)
    because … White Privilege! … that’s why!

    eat your hearts out brown-stained shorts

  10. Artist types like myself have known about her for years. Engelbreit’s folksy, cute sentimental work sells but her insufferable leftist antics will definitely destroy her brand. She deserves it.

  11. @ Moran- “BVD’s on the outside,” brings back sweet memories for me. I was a Special Olympics swim coach for a few years. Lots of fun, and always one or two, swimmers with undies on the outside, at the annual swim meet 😘

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