England: 7 in 10 Baby Deaths or Cases of Brain Damage at Birth Caused by Bad NHS Care



Breitbart Europe: A government-funded study has found that 71 per cent of baby deaths or neonatal brain injuries could have been avoided if the National Health Service (NHS) had given better care.

The ‘Every Baby Counts’ project, by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), looked at 1,123 babies who were stillborn, died within a week of birth, or were born brain-damaged in 2016 in a report published Tuesday.

Of those 1,123, 124 (11 per cent) were stillborn, 145 newborns died within the first week of birth, and 854 suffered brain damage, often due to deprivation of oxygen during labour.

In 45 per cent of cases, midwives and obstetricians were found to have failed to follow best practice or guidelines, including lack of training or not responding to warning signs sufficiently. Each case had an average of seven failings where actions were inadequate or went wrong.

The report also blamed overwhelmed maternity units and staff shortages.

Co-investigator of Every Baby Counts and vice-president of the RCOG told The Guardian that “Sadly, this latest report from Each Baby Counts shows that different care might have made a difference to the outcome for almost three-quarters of affected babies.”

One woman whose baby son Harry suffered brain damage was told that it was “just one of those things” and she and her husband had to push for an investigation, which found fault with the NHS hospital.  read more

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  2. I wonder how many of the babies that were stillborn or were brain damaged had obstetricians of the “islamic persuasion”? I’m betting no one kept track of that little statistic.

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    Free healthcare!
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  6. It’s not just muslims coming in with faulty DNA. This is socialized medicine at its core.
    My cousin is a victim of this (early 70’s, Greece).
    My grandmother, too, in the 1990s.
    Socialists are the least social people you will ever meet. Moody, greedy, untalented, heartless and lazy. It’s easier to be that way instead of doing the right things. The sane things. The moral things.


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