England Descends into Chaos as Roving Gangs of Muslims Dominate the Streets, Hunt Down Hindus – IOTW Report

England Descends into Chaos as Roving Gangs of Muslims Dominate the Streets, Hunt Down Hindus

National File

Leicester, England has descended into complete chaos as ongoing ethnoreligious clashes between Hindus and Muslims continue to flare, coming as the direct result of England’s open border policies and far-left policing practices that have allowed the situation to completely spiral out of control.

Ethnoreligious clashes have been playing out in England now for weeks, spawning in the City of Leicester, where, thanks to open-borders policies, Brits make up just 45% of the population. In Leicester, mobs of fighting-age Muslim migrants, largely of Pakistani origin, have carried out organized assaults on the city’s Hindu faith Indian community, the men of which have risen up to respond to Islamic threats.

As National File reported on September 1st, clashes between Indian and Pakistani migrants took off in Leicester following an international cricket match between the two countries national teams. Leicester’s left-wing police department has been accused of siding directly with Muslims amidst those clashes, and of pushing a blood libel against Leicester’s Hindu community. more here

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  1. You’ve really got to accept a new reality with this. Roving gangs of muzzies hunt down hindus, in England. WTF?! Will reality prevail eventually or is what we need to prepare for. I’m ready either way.

  2. Reason #767312 NOT to be anonymous.^^^

    Above post “Go Hindus!” will get a bunch of thumb-ups.
    Why not take the 0.00034 femto-seconds and choose an identity to get the credit you deserve?
    Instead you are lumped in with the vermin anon posters we have to deal with from day to day.

  3. No worries, King Charles will re invoke the Crusades. Unless all the stories I read about that fruit loop turning Muzzie are true. This reminds me of a Marvin Gaye song. Let’s get it on. But ah yes, diversity is so trendy. I hope they burn the entire country down.

  4. Loco
    Yep, and additionally, 90 percent of the Trolls here post under anonymous. When I see that name I automatically go on the offensive. Nobodies tracking you by a fictitious name. They’re tracking you by your IP. Get a name, get in the fight.

  5. “… if they are changes which were demanded by those who in many wars had fought with this country, by nations who maintained an allegiance to the Crown, and who signified a desire to be in the future as were in the past; if it were our friends who had come to us and said: “We want this,” I would say: “Let it go. Let us admit the divisibility of the Crown. Let us sink into anonymity and cancel the word ‘British’ from our titles. If they like the conundrum ‘Head of the Commonwealth’ in the Royal style, let it be there.” However, the underlying evil of this is that we are doing it for the sake not of our friends but of those who are not our friends. We are doing this for the sake of those to whom the very names ‘Britain’ and ‘British’ are repugnant. … We are doing this for the sake of those who have deliberately cast off their allegiance to our common Monarchy…”

    E. Powell

    And history repeats.

  6. Once \”The sun never set on the British empire\”.
    Look at the home of my ancestors now……
    Radioactiveradioationman English-Irish-American.

  7. Every Great Empire is the author of its own demise.
    Come to think of it, even every Mediocre Empire is the author of its own demise.

    Britain’s “managed decline” (a former PM’s phrase) has morphed into full-blown suicide.
    Sad, though inevitable.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I’m pleased that it’s muzzies and Hindis fighting with each other. Makes the playing field level. Another reason to never give up your guns.

  9. PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES! I would say more but the British Secret Service would probably come arrest me for hate speech but in the interim, hope they burn it all down so the good British folks can see what their dingbat politicians did to them with this diversity BS.

  10. Nobody needs a 30 round magazine…. Actually yes they do, and the machinery to go with it.
    Funny how people can turn polite and can work out some self-control all of a sudden when that presents itself.

  11. Cut off a nose, a finger or an ear and mail it their relatives.
    Repeat after me, parts & parcels, parts & parcels, parts & parcels.


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