England: Oxford Muslim Rape Gang Jailed

Breitbart: Six men have been jailed for the historic grooming and rape of six Oxford teenage girls in crimes against children the convicting judge called “sinister” and “predatory”.

The rape gang operated in Oxford, preying on six “vulnerable” teens, then aged 13 to 17, from 1998 to 2005 and subjected them to “hundreds of episodes of sexual abuse”, according to Judge Peter Ross.

Prosecutors described it as “sexual exploitation on a massive scale”, with Judge Ross saying at the defendants’ convictions in March: “Systematic and widespread grooming, that is what this case has revealed.”

Describing the victims as “all vulnerable teenagers” during sentencing on Tuesday, the judge said: “They [the victims] were brought into the group, of which the defendants were part of, through flattery, making them feel a sense of belonging, and the provision of alcohol and drugs.

“And the consequence was that sexual abuse of these girls became the norm,” he said, according to The Oxford Times.

Some of the hundreds of instances of abuse took place in a black Nissan Serena with a licence plate ending “SHG” – referred to as the “shag wagon”. MORE

11 Comments on England: Oxford Muslim Rape Gang Jailed

  1. No Longer Great Britain. Remember, these perverts are always described as Asians; they are never identified by their nationality (usually Pakistani) or their religion (always Muslim). When they are finally released from prison, none of them will be sent packing back to Pakistan.

  2. Put them in a shipping container and send them to me.
    I will humanely reduce their population with kinetic games played with the shipping container.
    Like seeing if it floats
    Can the shipping container retain its shape after being rolled down a steep incline
    How many feral boars will fit inside with the rape gang before the sides bulge out

  3. Are they going to be in the same prison as Tommy Robinson? Wouldn’t put it past those brain-dead Brits to do such a thing.

  4. Starting back in the 70’s, England’s dirty little secret was that rich Saudi men were traveling to London and paying for very young virgin girls, who for the most part, were being provided by their families for money. The government was doing little to expose or stop the practice. I remember seeing a documentary in the early 80’s about it. The desperate families were suffering from the poor economy due to the rush to total socialism being pushed onto the country. I can tell you, before I pimped out my daughter for money, I’d make it my mission in life to take out the politicians who created that situation.

  5. And to think Tommy Robinson will be murdered in days, having risked his life to expose the truth and awaken his country, he will be sacrificed. All for what??? And who??? A bunch of lazy, fat, drunk, blind, ignorant, ungrateful british scum that have wilted like a bunch of dead weeds. I wish we had Tommy Robinson here in America. He deserved better. The british are scum. I really hate most of them. He couldn’t see through the fog that his fellow brits were unworthy, undeserving filth and he thought they would care if their little girls were drugged, raped, and forced to make porno movies at 11, 12, 13 years old filming them getting gang raped by mozlem hyenas. He sadly was very mistaken.

  6. His “cuntry” had violated all his rights, If he is killed, everyone who sent him there are accessories to murder. Lock them up!


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