Enjoy the show: Former VP Pence informs Congress he’s discovered documents in Indiana home marked classified – IOTW Report

Enjoy the show: Former VP Pence informs Congress he’s discovered documents in Indiana home marked classified

JTN: Former Vice President Mike Pence informed Congress on Tuesday that his team has discovered document in his Indiana home that from his time in the Trump White House and marked as classified.

Pence said his team last week searched his Carmel, Indiana, home and the office of the political advocacy group Advancing American Freedom, after news broke that President Joe Biden stored classified documents in his home and office from his time as vice president, Fox News reported.  more

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  1. I had a security clearance while working for a defense contractor and this type of BS would never have flown. Taking documents home? I would have been and arrested and fired. There was one poor guy that got a non-secure computer in a secure area infected with a virus and they walked him out the door.

  2. I don’t find this one damn bit surprising. The louder your dinner guests advertise their virtues the better job you have to do at counting your silverware before they leave.

  3. Same thing as Biden…He shouldn’t have them outside a special room, had no right to have them outside a special room and couldn’t declassify shit nor shinola….Prosecute him!!!

    What’s his endgame?…Is he running interference for Biden’s defense?….

  4. Mean while,


    What a POS.

  5. “And probably a lot of weird pictures.”

    That was responsible for my very clean computer screen. After I wiped the mouth full of water off of it. LOL.
    If that Noecon bitch get re elected I’ll be amazed.

  6. I can’t say I’m a Bannon fan but he’s on the money here.


  7. Stupid Self Righteous Bastard!

    Almost as Stupid as General Miley.

    Trump took you from obscure to a dignified position where a lot of good was done.

    WE were better off when you were obscure.

  8. Seriously,

    Doesn’t anyone own a fireplace anymore or are all of these Luxury Camping Type Leaders unable to light a FUCKING FIRE without help from the servants???

    (there is still a little bit of grease ball Mobster left in my blood from 2 generations ago)

  9. Had a TS clearance for over 40 years military/Civilian Service. I dream sometimes about those documents I read. Is the FBI going to come and raid my brain and do a search? 🙂

  10. Pence is opting out for consideration of future public office. Probably career was going that way already.

  11. I worked for years with TOP SECRET imagery from spy satellites when in the 544th Aerospace Reconnaissance Technical Wing at Strategic Air Command. I have searched and searched but have failed to find any of that material at my home because I NEVER took any. Patriots don’t do that.

  12. Wow, a surprising post from DJT today on truth social.

    “Mike Pence is an innocent man. He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life. Leave him alone!!!”

  13. You get a classified document!
    And you get a classified document!
    And you get a classified document!
    And you get a classified document!

  14. Maybe everyone in clowngress needs to have an FBI/SEAT raid to check for classified documents.

    Playing loosey goosey seems to be the norm for our illustrious government officials.

  15. 1. The Classification stamp is used too freely.
    2. Because of 1., no one takes Classification very seriously.
    3. Opportunists take advantage of this laxity to remove documents for pecuniary and possibly political advantage.
    4. No one tracks documents so they go missing for years or for ever.

    Just guess. Probably wrong.

  16. It would be nice if Pence was just as decent to Trump.
    I guess his wife won’t let him near Melania even with other people there.

  17. Possibly classified documents? DOJ has to determine if they are classified? They are either stamped or they’re not. Easy peasy.

    I’m guessing they are declassified documents but often the only indication of declassication is the stamp being struck through with a felt-tip marker.

    Jaded workers often neglect to strike through every stamp in a document, which can get the holder of said document into trouble.

    That said, I agree with previous comments. Pence is giving Biden an out, in the interest of equity, fairness and Christian charity (nothing he would grant Trump).

    My father, who held security clearance for 40 years, would often wake up in a sweat at night wondering if he had put all the classified documents back in his safe and locked it.

  18. As VP, Pence was not authorized to possess Classified National Security documents.
    If that is what he possessed, enforce the law. Same with Biden.

  19. #me too? (Is Gloria Allred on the case yet? But I’m sure Kelly-Anne Confakeway told Mike to confess now to avoid the Primary rush)

  20. Trump defending Pence has more to do with his idealized view of Pence and not based on who Pence really is – a self serving traitor RINO. Trump sometimes suffers from a bruised ego. He can’t accept Pence is a backstabbing jerk even after being victimized by Pence when he wouldn’t overturn the results of the 2020 election. Trump seems to hate to admit he made a mistake choosing Pence as VP.

  21. These certified document eruptions are definitely cover for Xiden, Barry. Both collude with Russia and China. Trump of course was set up knowing he’s not guilty of anything illegal.

  22. Stoooooooopid career politicians believe they can play “I am Spartacus”.

    Guess they can’t see that most of us have no love for the entire dumpster lot of them!

  23. Wild Bill,

    Bet we had the same federal employer. Work was in a windowless environment behind doors like a safe.

    Even then the classified materials were inside an actual safe behind yet another locked door.

    Yet our gubmit betters run around with classified materials in their private homes secured like a comic book collections.

    Adam Shit probably wallpapers his house with them, we know the Pedo does, yet the NSA, Homeland Security, and FBI are monitoring us old cranky patriots on IOTW.

    What’s wrong with that picture?

  24. Somewhere out there is an agency with a list of who has what classified document at home. Can’t they just plant drugs on you like they used to.
    Secession ends all of this.

  25. I don’t understand the whole brouhaha.
    Didn’t Sandy Berger, back in the Pleistocene, steal classified documents?
    He didn’t suffer much “justice,” so why all this crying now?
    ($50,000 fine and 100 hrs. “community service”)
    Seems to be SOP for the Traitors in high office.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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