Enjoying Our National Parks Has Now Been Declared Racist

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In the six weeks since a multiracial group of Minnesota cops killed George Floyd, America has learned all sorts of things about what caused the crime. It wasn’t just those cops’ fault, you see. It wasn’t just the responsibility of the city of Minneapolis or even the state of Minnesota. As it turns out, every white person in the world is responsible for Floyd’s death. That’s why we now need to tear down any statue of any historical figure who was Caucasian, even the guy who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. That’s why any white person who voices a black character on a cartoon show needs to step aside now. That’s why we need to expunge that episode of The Golden Girls where they wore mud masks and the dumb one said, “We’re not really black.” All of those things are racist. All of those things made those cops kill that guy.

And we’re just getting started. Everything that white people enjoy is racist, because they’re white people. Even going to national parks is racist now, because most of the people who go to national parks are white.

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  1. It is very obvious to anyone with half a brain, or not looking at life through rose colored glasses, that black extremists have no desire for racial unity. They want racial conflict. The problem lies with the black culture, that is so monolithic – tribal, even – and subject to intense peer pressure. Good, decent blacks will be shamed and ostracized for speaking out against the racist bullshit – white privilege, systemic racism, blah, blah, blah. Sure, some of that exists, but not enough to cause the pervasive poverty and fatherless family structure that plagues the black community.

    The truth is that blacks, in general (not all – there are always exceptions to the rule), have no desire to assimilate into the white society, and they would rather blame others for their own failures rather than look critically at themselves.

  2. This Mex, attached. The guy in charge of our National Parks is the guy stirring up the shit. They had him on FOX and Friends this morning and apparently he identifies as an inner city black gang banger. He needs to be removed and deported back to what ever he considers his origin. ASAP.
    Dear people that don’t feel welcome in the great outdoors, don’t go there. To many 1000 yard shot opportunities.

    Here’s the Dick.


  3. Good. Maybe now the non racists will stop tagging rocks at Sequoia. Guess it’s time to post pics of all non whites in National Parks, so their buddies will know who is a traitor to the mantra.

  4. ” … black extremists have no desire for racial unity. ”

    Of course they do, at least as much as Charles Manson did.

    They’re just better at it than he was.

  5. “Even going to national parks is racist now, because most of the people who go to national parks are white.“

    Things must have changed; last National Park I went to, most of the tourists were Asians

  6. So why is it, having been set free from the plantation, they tend to congregate in tribes in the inner city anyway?
    Guess that ‘s our fault too?

  7. Are national parks places where children are shot and murdered like on the south side of Chicago? No one is stopping minorities from going to national parks. I’ve got news for these leftists, blacks are exhibiting far more racist behavior towards whites and the absurdity of this is it is just going to further segregate black people under the guise of giving them special privileges. And that is not going to be a good thing for what they claim they want, more equality. So over this BS.

  8. Within five years, every national park entrance will be staffed by fat black women. They are natural-born gatekeepers. They already dominate the toll booths, parking garages, gated community entrances and DMV desks. It may be a little bit harder to get them out in the sticks, but I have faith in government ability to accommodate. And if there’s not enough interest from that demographic, no doubt there are plenty of chubby illegal chicks to raise and lower the gates.

  9. Iron Man

    You are right, it is our fault. We keep putting so called Republicans in office that won’t stand up to the dems that put the Blacks on the inner city “plantations”.

    The Dems are doing it, but none of the so called Republicans will stop it, and none of the so called Republicans will reach out to these communities to let them know there is a different way. Other than Trump.

    Quit voting for the McCains and Ryans.

  10. Anything inaccessable to minorities regardless of the reason will now be deemed “racist” and then banned.

  11. To save time, why not list the things that aren’t racist? I guess no one would have anything to write about then.

    Why does federal workforce have a disproportionate number of blacks in it? We like to watch Wheel of Fortune and it is remarkable how many black contestants have government jobs.

  12. Things to also be considered racist (just give it time) – camping, ice fishing, snowmobiles, the banjo, Linux, Frosted Mini-Wheats, archery, flea markets, scuba diving and base jumping.

  13. @ Chuckie JULY 3, 2020 AT 3:30 PM

    Wait a minute here Chuckie….My ancestors were Scandinavian, but the only thing I would consider doing on that list is camping, and that is only if it is in a cabin with AC and cable TV.

    Does this mean I am being discriminated against?

    Do I get reparations if Sleepy Joe wins?

  14. Sounds like ABC is willfully giving minorities what they think is a legitimate excuse to mess with me, possibly physically. I’ll protect myself accordingly.

  15. I n all my 65 years I have never, not once, seen a sign that said only white people allowed in park, National or otherwise, what the the Hell are these idiots complaining about, I am so sick of this s**t

  16. ENOUGH of this shit! Only cowards name call.

    Come and call me any name you want. The person you are accusing is YOU.

    But if I see you holding a stick or a stone. It will definitely be a head shot.

  17. I’m a racist. I have been riding Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park for years on my motorcycle. I just have to do it before 6:00 am this year so I don’t need a reservation. Oh wait, I always go before 6 so I can see the sunrise over the magnificent views. If you haven’t been, you don’t know what you are missing.
    Anyone who doesn’t think God exists after seeing those vistas – I am not even going to try and convert you. You are beyond my abilities.

  18. So now national parks will have quotas. If you are white, you will have to wait to enter until the specified number of blacks have entered. Blacks will be bussed in from Chicago and Compton to ensure proper diversity. In 20 years, parks officials will be baffled by the high numbers of murders and other violent crimes taking place in national parks. Parks will then become no-go zones since park police were defunded and disarmed by President AOC in 2025.

  19. I’ll say it. And I’ve been to many of Americas national parks and there ARE minorities there. Several years ago we went to Mount Rushmore and whites were in the minority. Nobody is stopping anyone from going to a national park for God’s sake!
    This is just another created way to DIVIDE US.

  20. Going to the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Teddy Roosevelt NP in a month! Cannnot wait…
    And DEVILS Tower!

    Fuck em’!

  21. Have you been to a park lately. It hasn’t been our parks in a lonnnnng while. The Illegals start lining up at 6am and you can’t get in . It’s FULL of illegals and hardly ant Americans can find a spot unless you reserve and have to pay for a pavilion. Maryland parks all over no longer belong to American Citizens so they probably won’t deem them racist once they see that. They will embrace it


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