Enough Already!

Bugs Bunny would declare, “Of course, you realize, this means war,” when some cartoon bad guy went too far. It was a warning that Bugs had reached his limit and that now the gloves were off. We’ve passed that point long ago with the left.

There’s no reasoning with them, there’s no arguing with them, there’s no civility left for those who have done nothing but become more violent in both words and deeds over time. More

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  1. I have a friend, a pretty good sized guy with a hair trigger temper, that was standing in the check out line at Home Depot a couple days ago. He was wearing a shirt with an American flag print on it and inside the flag was the outline of an AR15. The lady in front of him noticed the shirt and went off. Like foaming at the mouth off. That didn’t last long, he called her every name in the book, and he was pissed. She left her cart in line and split. I’ll bet the Lib thinks twice before trying that shit again.

  2. You can buy that dude’s book, or you can just follow the civilian ROEs with regard to deadly force.


  3. From the article, a very good article at that:

    “Frankly, I’ve always admired Peter’s initial reaction to Christ’s arrest in the Garden: he drew his sword and cut off the ear or one of the servants of a high priest. That, in fact, was the correct response; Jesus immediately overruled the man who would become the first Pope in order to fulfill his divine destiny, but it’s comforting to know the Apostles weren’t a bunch of whining sissies and prancing girly-men.”

    Why react to a barking angry dog? When the dog becomes MAD?

    Well then that is another question and answer…

    I say hold the line until we see the whites of the foam in their mouths.

    Bugs original:



  4. My new thing is to laugh maniacally and yell(scream)

    “Tell em Crazy Joe Biden sent ya!!!”

    It freaks people the f*ck out…

    most folks don’t like loud…

  5. I posted this a very long time ago when I used to comment as Long Time Reader. It certainly is more relevant today than it was then considering how the left has stepped up the violence. This was part of the legendary Tom Horn’s credo that went something like “If a man does you wrong, WARN HIM. WHEN he does it again, KILL him. It’s a system that never fails”.

    In these times of unprovoked attacks, suspicious deaths and great treachery from all sides, it is certainly worth keeping in mind.

  6. One line I’ve used that seems to make such people shut up and go away:

    Have you considered how risky it is to come up to a complete stranger and start yelling insults at him when you have no idea what kind of mental health issues he may have or how good he is at anger management?

    (I never mention that I’m armed.)

  7. @Bad_Brad – Good point. Perhaps I’ll try leaning in really close, a few inches from the cretin’s face, and just yell as loud as I can


  8. Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with this, as I live in a fairly peaceful Utah (Mormon) community.
    But if I did, after the initial shock, I guess that I would revert to 20 years of Army conditioning, “WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, CUNT! YOU WANNA GO TWENTY ROUNDS? BRING IT, BITCH! OTHERWISE, SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN! PUT UP, OR SHUT UP!

  9. Brad,

    At work now and am not technically competent to check from here.

    If it was a straight forward I’m hoping it gave you the address.

    Can’t check for reply until very late tonight (not happening) or tomorrow AM. Gives me an excuse to get up a little earlier to start all the yard work…

    From this thread as things heat up it’s not a bad thing to start networking with like minded, even if some like me might be looked at as dead weight.

  10. “From this thread as things heat up it’s not a bad thing to start networking with like minded, even if some like me might be looked at as dead weight.”

    I agree. It’s my opinion thing will escalate. Most states have a Penal Code that states if LE can’t protect you than you have a right to protect yourself. Think Korea Town during the Watts riots. We may need to use that to our advantage. Antifa has been spouting off for some time now about visiting the Burbs and killing conservatives so just because you might live in an upper scale conservative area doesn’t mean you are safe. Libtards are now saying the same thing ANTIFA was bout 4 months ago.

    PS, you’re a tactically sound guy and not dead weight.

  11. Deplorable, don’t count on you won’t come face to face with them. I live in a red state and have discovered recently they’re thicker than I thought.

    My daughter and I had a couple confront us the other day. I’ve never been one to be intimidated by a bully, especially a fat bully and raised my daughter to be the same. I informed the man if he would like to keep his finger he’d remove it out of my face and that I had no problem with kicking fat guy’s ass.
    My daughter told the woman to shut her fat ass up before she kicked it. She burst into tears because she called her fat, they both ran off, well actually waddled off while giving us the finger when they thought they were a safe distance away.

  12. In 2007 I placed a “NOBAMA” sticker on my bumper. My daughter would point out fellow travelers giving us the stink-eye, we would wave and smile. Many along the I95 corridor would cruise by with a thumbs up!
    As far as I know, I have never had a stranger berate me over my appearance nor the NRA LM stickers on my car and truck, nor anything else for that matter…… I have been told that I have a really scary resting-bitch-face.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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