Never Trump? Enough Already




I was #NeverTrump as long as Ted Cruz still had a chance.

That’s public knowledge.

However, I don’t see the value in continuing to be obsessed with opposing Trump.

From what I have seen on Facebook all the old Ted Cruz support groups are now Trump bashing groups. Ted himself voted for Trump. He now supports him on some things and opposes him on others.

Why can’t his supporters, of which I am still one, be as reasonable?

Can’t forgive Donald for #LyinTed ?

That’s a tough one for me, but the Bible says you have to or God won’t forgive you.

Can’t forgive the President for not denouncing the Enquirer articles of Rafael Cruz being part of the JFK assassination plot?


Orange skin, small hands, stair phobias, Russian collusion, on and on and on.

Senator Cruz, while flattered by your continued support, would likely quietly slide away from you at a public event to distance himself from the #NeverTrump “principled conservatism” that gets tossed around in these groups if you started spouting it in his presence.

Let that sink in my friends.

I love you all and wept with you when Cruz dropped after the Indiana Primary.

I get it, trust me.

I wrote my share of infamous Trump bashing articles, which I still haven’t apologized for or deleted, nor will I, but I will not continue to stand against the man that God himself has placed a bulwark against the luciferian liberal progessive movement in America even if I would have preferred Ted Cruz to be that bulwark.

If you believe that liberal progressivism is the spiritual wickedness in high places spoken of in Ephesians, and I know most of you do, how do you reconcile your opposition to the first President to make a conscious effort to stomp a mudhole in the Liberal agenda in 35 years? MORE

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  1. F*ck NeverTrumpers. You (Ben Shapiros, Erick Ericksons, NRO people) have a psychological, homo-erotic personal problem with Trump’s personality. GET OVER IT.

    And what is this I “WAS” a “NeverTrumper”. What the f*ck does “NEVER” mean? ASSHOLES!

    F*ck NeverTrumpers!

  2. Today the Chinese excepted their first ever delivery of American beef. More winning. Only Trump could have accomplished this. NeverTrumpers are quickly becoming insignificant.

  3. If only. Fortunately, DJT is an incredibly strong person and won’t be bullied/intimidated by anyone. Go get’m from a former Cruz supporter.

  4. Cruz was my first choice. He didn’t get the nomination, so my vote went to Trump. In fact, I was and am a #NeverHillary gal, so anybody the Republicans nominated would have received my vote.

  5. We need to keep a handful of liberals and never Trumpers around after the eradication. That would be the only way to know we’re still winning. Like a thermometer.

    Only a handful, contained, quarantined, sterilized, cleaned and disinfected.

  6. I too was a hard-core supporter of Ted Cruz. I accepted DJT as the GOP candidate and am quite happy with what he’s been able to accomplish so far, in spite of the wimpy ass-wipe Republicans in Congress. ENOUGH of the NeverTrump and Russia bullshit!!! Congress – Get your act together and DO THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE that put you in office!!!!

  7. I remember before the GE, Fur arguing with people who called themselves “Cruz supporters” (who wouldn’t vote for Trump). He always asked, supporter of what? The state of Texas, Cruz as a senator? It always made me chuckle. The NeverTrumpers are as goofed up in the head as anyone on the Left and I’ve been saying that for some time. I’m an idealist to a certain extent, a dreamer, but they crossed the line into Conservative Utopialand and that is what makes them just as harmful to this country as anyone on the Left. Just the way I see it.

  8. I’m not sure its fair to call anyone (or oneself) #NeverTrump just for sticking with another candidate as long as that candidate was in the race. That label belongs to those who said even Hillary was to be preferred over Trump – simple pundits, people of the land, the common clay of DC; you know… morons.

    I wasn’t a Trump supporter until several others – Cruz the last of them – were out, but I knew from the beginning I’d be a strong backer of whoever emerged, and that was DJT. I gotta say in hindsight though, that if I’d known how good he’d be I would have been a Trumper from the beginning. He shows at least at least some promise of doing things none of the others ever could have.

    I also think Ted Cruz would be much more of an asset on the SCOTUS than he ever could be as President. That would be having cake and eating it too, almost more winning than I could handle.

  9. Took this guy long enough. And i think its a wimpy apology. He gets down to God at the end. He knew 6 months ago that God made Trump president and held this grudge this long. some people can really hate.

  10. Most conservatives and libertarians have figured out the Don is pretty damn good.I think some can never admit they were wrong … I removed a bunch of sites from my bookmarks from the Trump derangement syndrome. Life is way too short to put up with them and the looney liberals

  11. Observing the stonewalling that Trump is getting from the UniParty, is there any question that Ted Cruz could ever have gotten farther in this same amount of time?

    They’ve dog-piled onto Trump, and Trump has given them the flea-flicker treatment at every turn. Cruz would have never gotten out of the gate under the same circumstances.


  12. Just to be clear: I’m talking about those #NT’s who were hoping for a brokered convention or were cheering on Cruz’s unethical delegate skimming (remember there were lots of states where the Cruz delegates threatened to vote Cruz to the bitter end at the convention). A lot of conservatives were more than dismayed that these holdouts were causing severe disunity within the party going forward. The capper for me was Cruz’s “vote your conscience” speech, especially since it had been an incredible day of unity building up to that point. I’m sorry to say it, and I don’t want to start a fight, but I could never trust Senator Cruz after that.

  13. Rush said it today. How does Donald Trump handle all this crap as a human being? Day in, day out insults, innuendos, lies. He must be a special type of man. He is! And he’s my President. If I got within 2 feet of Scott Hammon, or Hamonn, I’d slap him across the snout with a glove and challenge him to a duel with pistols. Then hit him right in the chest at twenty paces. Ah, the good olde
    days. Gone forever.

  14. there was a Haman in the Bible. Esther took him out. He got a long drop from a short rope on a scaffold he built for her husband.

  15. Moe Tom — Geoff C. and I were just talking about this guy and Lindsey Graham. There is a point at which one simply has no words and all that’s left is almost a reptilian brain functioning. This is what I would like to do to these two (keeping in mind that I’m not normally a violent person):


  16. “Rush said it today. How does Donald Trump handle all this crap as a human being? ”

    I think I know the answer to that. With great satisfaction. Trumps all biz all the time and guys like that know when the screaming starts they’re right over the target.
    Also you know when his batteries need recharging. He hold a rally and just consumes all that energy like the every ready bunny.

  17. “but I could never trust Senator Cruz after that.”

    Trump trusts no one, save his family. That’s why there’s a few of them in the White House. However if Cruz wants to get on board for the good of the agenda Trump will welcome him with open arms. Trust is earned.

  18. P.S.
    I’d love to see a strong alliance between Ted Cruz and the administration for two reasons. Numero Uno it would be effective. Was never a Cruz fan but I never thought him a stupid man. Numero Dos, I want to see the mushroom cloud over the Right Shits (Poop) Server.

  19. DJT just made my top 5 contenders but I loved his bare knuckle fighting. He’s certainly the man for the times.

  20. I used to work for a guy like Trump, maybe not quite as accomplished, but a self made man worth many hundreds of millions, in his own right. He would instill into us that “Every Day is War!”. He lived it and I think Trump does in his own way also. The guy I worked for, he was not happy any day until he had his first confrontation, and felt he won. I learned a lot from him. But I’m not as confrontational.

  21. You get people in board by giving them something they need for their constituency.

    I don’t see or hear this going on anywhere.

    Could probably peel a few Dems off portraying them as saviors of some entitlement somewhere in conservative leaning districts.

    There is no Republican Leader. Trump is an outsider. None of the last few Prez contenders had Establishment backing. Someone has to herd the cats or beat them unto line. That’s why every one of them is singing from a different hymn. Like Trey Gowdy praising Mueller today.

    Cruz has a role to play and has been changing his entire approach. FFS, use him to clean out the DoJ, FBI, and recommending judges. Investigate the Clinton and Obama deals. And lock her ass up.

  22. Cliche Guevara

    In response to your first paragraph, None of that shit matters. Trump, in all actuality was elected in a land slide. The people have spoken. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  23. Actually, my then 15 yr old, grandson got me on the Trump train right from the beginning. Even though he spoke a nice phrase, there was something about TC that didn’t set well with me, and the rest of the crop were out of the question.

  24. Baloney has a first name it’s NeverTrumpers. They’re still whining even when Trump is implementing the most conservativw polices in decades.
    Trump was alway my choice for president from the beginning, so yeah I’m biased. I won’t apologize. Ted Cruz would have been just OK. There wouldn’t have been the accelerated pace to MAGA with his administration.
    In addition, if this Cruz supporter who wrote this “cry baby” article really believes God is in control and selected Mr. Trump for the presidency, then that should settle it.
    I believe the True and Living God is sovereign and picks all the U.S. presidents. Including depraved, evil ones like Obama to let us know just how bad it can get.
    Dude, admit you were wrong, stop being a loser and completely support Mr. Trump, and thank God we got a reprieve this time.

  25. Brad: Everything can’t be an executive order. There is a fourth option to the Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way dynamic and that’s what Republicans have done since January. Namely, to shoot themselves in the foot and get much of nothing done.

    My point is that horsetrading is necessary even with people on your own side. There is no leader. Too many aren’t following. They aren’t getting out of the way.

    Who are Trump’s men or women in Congress moving his agenda forward in Congress and fighting for that agenda on tv? Because if it’s being farmed out to McConnell, there is going to be a lot of heartbreak.

  26. Supported Cruz but I was never “NEVERTrump” because the alternative – Clinton or Sanders – would have been far worse. So when Trump became the nominee, he had my full support and I fully intended to vote for him from that second onward. And I did.

    Still, I was nervous and cautious because of Trump’s generally liberal background. BUT as time went on, I have been pleased with his performance and commitment to America.

    If I had to pick one thing that makes me take off my h at for Trump is his exposing beyond all doubt just how traitorous the Republican party is. There’s more but for just that alone, I’m glad he’s President.

  27. I was a Cruz supporter too, but I happily voted for Trump. The alternative was just too much to stomach.

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