Enraged Popeyes Customer Brawls with Staff in Drive-Thru Window


[…] The cell phone video of the incident, which has gained more than 204,000 views as of Saturday afternoon, shows the irate customer yelling at a fast food worker through the drive-thru window.

The unidentified staff member then allegedly attempts to hit the customer using a broom. The situation escalated further when the customer attempted to climb through the drive-thru window to allegedly brawl with the female employee armed with the broom.

A male coworker got involved in the dispute, giving the customer a bear hug while two other employees slapped and hit him, according to the video. more here

30 Comments on Enraged Popeyes Customer Brawls with Staff in Drive-Thru Window

  1. So how did I know what they were going to look like before even viewing the video?

    I guess I must be psychic or something.

  2. The idea of drive through is that you stay in the car. They are going to have to make those drive through windows smaller—like the ones in cells to pass meals through.
    That must be a good sandwich. I have to try it.
    I like how they delivered him right out the same window.

  3. I bet my dog I knew what race the customer was before clicking on the link. He wagged his tail in agreement.

  4. It seems the whole world is spinning out of control. On a sad note, a young couple got married at a Justice Of the Peace office near me on Friday afternoon. As they were leaving, a truck struck their vehicle and killed them both.

  5. Feral is as Feral does…

    @TP: Smaller windows like those in jail/prison cells would be good, to give those customers some practice before they, inevitably, wind up there.

  6. Poor CNN. Just when they’re trying to pimp Popeyes new chicken sandwich, this happens. But you know what isn’t happening, CNN? A fight like this at Chik-Fil-A.

  7. @thirdtwin – my first thought exactly.

    Wonder what is so different about Chic-fil-a? Oh yeah, they don’t locate in or near the ghetto, and it has a faith-based business plan.

    And their employees are polite and courteous, thus they tend to attract a different customer base.

  8. Burr they have good biscuits, I shall agree.
    The chicken tenders I had were salty. But this was in Gila Bend or some crap.
    I would like some red beans and rice, but I will wait until I pass one outside of the ghetto.

  9. Lazlo my friend, twice a year I drive up to Kingman. If you go left at the freeway exit, it’s old town Kingman. Pretty cool up and coming revitalized hipster area.

    Turn right like you’re goin’ to vegas and it’s on your left at the big truck stop.

    Never eaten Popeyes chicken. Why? Red beans and rice with a biscuit or two is more than enough. Also, its hella’ good.

    And yes, black people do indeed work there. I think they import them from Cali.

  10. I love the spokesgal – “Do YOU know what’s goin’ down at Popeyes right now?”

    I dunno… 2-11 in progress? 😳

  11. as a person of paleness, I am hesitant to eat in a restaurant that is staffed by people d’color.
    I am uncomfortable eating food that MAY have been spit in

  12. if you want to see funny, watch the youtube video of “Gabriel Iglesias – Racist Gift Basket”. Both comedians are hilarious and they Get It.


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