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Entertaining Deep Dive Video That Demolishes Michael Eric Dyson

Full debate HERE

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  1. Peterson and Fry make it possible to watch Dyson.

    I wonder how Dyson would explain that countries in Africa that have no history of colonization are some of the most backwards and brutal places on the earth.

  2. I’ve always had trouble watching Dyson. I’m fairly intelligent, but his rapid fire use of unnecessarily big words seems intended to confuse his opponents and impress those who are not as erudite. I’ve always thought that he was an unapologetic racist and this video confirms it.

  3. I see the fine art of Shuckin’ and Jiving is still alive and well. Blabbermouth Dyson. This racist blimp’s mouth is like a goose’s ass – Moving and shaking all the time and with nothing but shit coming out.

  4. After the first ten seconds of Dyson’s opening I fast forwarded to Peterson and Fry. Dyson is an unbearable fraud.

  5. Can not stand this fucker. I’ve known a few blacks that use that fast talking bullshit to mask their shallowness. And yeah, no white people come to mind that use this. OTOH well spoken men like Jarad Taylor are more the norm.

    I would have tapped out and punched his face with the HMMMMMM crap.

  6. Quite possibly the most calm and collected slap down of a leftist I have ever seen. Dyson as smart as people make him out to be, isn’t smart enough to realize how he just got handed his ass!

  7. A number of times throughout the debate, Dyson called JP a “mean old white man” who uses his white privilege without even knowing it and is always whining about getting called on it.

    Talk about the kettle calling the stove black.

    No one happened to mention the pass blacks get for committing well over half the violent crime in this country by about 3%(young black males, not that black women aren’t looking to get their numbers up as well-it’s no wonder so many black men marry white women)) of the population. I saw a graph that separated black murderers from white ones. The black American murderers have a rate of 20 per 100,000. White American murderers are under 3%, lower than Finland, Denmark or Norway.

    We don’t have a crime problem, we have a black problem.

    It’s not white people randomly attacking blacks. It’s not whites shooting dead 3 year old children in their communities. It’s not whites who are allowed to run like feral animals through our education system. It’s not whites mob looting. And on & on it goes. Talk about privilege.

    The worm is going to turn, I hope to fuck I’m alive to see it.

  8. I only have watched the excerpted clip so far and what is in it is brilliant.

    Jordan Peterson is brilliant. But can go completely off the rails at times. More so in his recent appearances. He frequently impresses me as trying to craft a persona these days a opposed to just dancing with the date that he brung to the ball. That is where he is almost unmatched.

  9. I’ve always wondered, ever since these clowns showed up, Dyson and DeGassbag.
    Are these two the best blacks theJews could come up with to denigrate whites?

  10. I stayed late at the shop tonight so I could watch this in it’s entirety un interrupted. Awesome. Maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen on IOTWR. Do more stuff like this.


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