Entomologist Declare The Names “Gypsy Moth” And “Gypsy Ant” Offensive


The Entomological Society of America are working to remove a pair of offensive insect monikers.

The scientific organization announced Wednesday that it is dropping the common names gypsy moth and gypsy ant because the names include an offensive slur for the Roma or Romani people. 

For now, both insects will be referred to by their scientific names — Lymantria dispar and Aphaenogaster araneoides, respectively — though the ESA will be taking suggestions for new common names, they said in a press releaseMore

28 Comments on Entomologist Declare The Names “Gypsy Moth” And “Gypsy Ant” Offensive

  1. Every day the news reports something even more ridiculous than the previous. The left must be holding a contest to crown the supreme king of absurdity.
    It’s like all governmental and public directives are being issued from a insane asylum somewhere.
    Lets hope that peak stupidity is reached soon so the slide back to something close to normality can finally begin.

  2. So, my 15 pound rat terrier caught a cicada a couple of nights ago and she wanted to bring bring it into the house. It was in her mouth and buzzing away. Have you ever seen a dog look up at you and sound like she was a throat cancer patient ?….If she was to eat a gypsy moth would she want to dance with a tamborine?…

  3. STFU whiners. If they have time to worry about shit like this, they have too much time. Cut their funding.

  4. When is Cher gonna apologize for her insensitive song?
    I decided to spare you the horrific video. Look it up if you need to induce vomiting.

  5. And yet we are all living in the most anti semitic month conceivable, July.


    Who named the months? HITLER!?!?!?

  6. Since the Gypsies self identify as “Roma”, how can “gypsie” be a slur? A rose by any other name…

    Or was it the moths complaining?

  7. Gypsy Moths are just like Democrats, destroy everything in their path and are a scourge on America.

  8. Beggar Moth & Beggar Ant?
    Which is not the same as, but sounds like, Beggar Aunt, but is actually more accurate.

  9. We should wait for the moths to let us know how they identify, they may identify as as a monarch butterfly and wish to be called Your Highness.

  10. @Burr

    “Carpenter Ant” Ha Ha Ha Ha …

    No. Not too soon at all.
    It took me a half second, but younger people; Woosh! Right over the head!


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