Environmental activist, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama Fan plotted ‘upscale mass murder’

Breaking 911:

Bernie Sanders supporter who plotted ‘upscale mass murder’ corresponded with Dylann Roof, FBI says.

A Toledo woman was arrested and charged in federal court after she purchased black powder and screws that she believed were going to be used to make a bomb as part of a terrorist attack.

Elizabeth Lecron, 23, was charged with one count of transportation of explosives and explosive material for the purposes of harming others and property.

“This defendant bought black powder and hundreds of screws that she expected would be used to make a bomb,” said Justin E. Herdman, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. “Through her words and actions, she demonstrated that she was committed to seeing death and destruction in order to advance hate. This case demonstrates terrorism comes in many guises and we will remain vigilant to protect all Americans.”

FBI Acting Special Agent in Charge Jeff Fortunato said: “Removing Elizabeth Lecron from the ranks of civilized society by virtue of arrest and prosecution thwarts her explicitly stated desire to engage in acts of death and destruction. This case is a testament to the value of an ever vigilant public, which had the courage to alert law enforcement as to the evil goals and intentions of this suspect.” MORE

12 Comments on Environmental activist, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama Fan plotted ‘upscale mass murder’

  1. According to the article, she wanted to attack a farm that raises pigs or cows, but could not find one so she abandoned the project. Seriously, she couldn’t find a livestock farm? May I suggest she drive through rural areas with the windows down and follow her nose.

    Thank God wannabe terrorists are short on the mental faculties.

  2. Tonight on the 6:00 news: Are Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders’s divisive rhetoric inciting unstable people to violence?

    Ha-ha, just kidding.

  3. Wyatt, you beat me to it.

    “Lecron stated she could not locate such a [pig or cattle] farm and was going to focus on something else.

    Can’t find a hog or beef farm? In OHIO!!?? Dat crazy beeyotch just be f*ckin lazy.

  4. From the article: “The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of members of the FBI, Homeland Security and Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Toledo Police Department, is leading the ongoing investigation. They were assisted by the FBI’s office in Denver. ”

    I’m amazed that with so many crime fighters involved that more cases aren’t botched. Five agencies plus “assistance” (whatever that means) from Denver FBI? Is that really necessary?

  5. Not “newsworthy” for two reasons: 1. She isn’t a Trump supporter, or even a Republican, and 2. There is no “evil black rifle” involved.

  6. She indicated that she is willing to sabotage anything that harms the environment … were she a reasonable person – she should have just started with herself. High degree of success as well.

  7. It would appear that old Socialist Senator ‘Three Houses’ has a bunch of violent terrorist supporters! Who would have thunk it?


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